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TIME (standard:poetry, 189 words)
Author: eddiesoloAdded: May 03 2004Views/Reads: 2390/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A poem on time.



This is the sound of the clock. 

Hands on a face. 

Never letting up pace. 

Always chasing to win the race. 

Each number a winner. 

Time for your dinner. 

Time to cheat on someone by a sinner. 

Time for birth to mothers new. 

It's a girl or boy of that we knew. 

Babe is all fresh like the early morning dew. 

Time for weddings with laughter and grins. 

Smiles all round, aunties had too many gins! 

The time to start life as a couple begins. 

Sadness brings a tear to our eye. 

Time for someone near to die. 

A box in the dirt is where they now lie. 

This clock on the wall goes tick-tock. 

We'll live forever, we seem to mock. 

But time is unmovable like a great grey rock. 

With fear we dread the movement of time. 

We look back at things and we start to pine. 

Yet without it our lives are thrown totally out of line. 

Time waits for no one, tick-tock. 

Enjoy what you have, tick-tock. 

For time will never, ever stop. 

For this my friend is the sound of the clock. 


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