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Why Can't We Be Forgiven? (standard:other, 509 words)
Author: LoriAdded: May 09 2004Views/Reads: 1880/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Re-worked it some, let me know what you think. Editing is still new to me. Feedback is always welcome, if you feel you need to say something, write to me.

Why Can't We Be Forgiven 

By: cowgirl_11 

I've wondered why it takes so long for a man to forgive a woman. It's
like pulling a man's teeth to get him to utter the words “You're 
forgiven.” They seem to be the worst words in a man's vocabulary. Men 
need to accept that women aren't perfect. No matter how many times you 
say you are, no matter how many ways you try to show us that you are. 
Men aren't perfect women are the same way. 

I wrote a story a couple of days ago. It was the way I was feeling at
the time. When I wrote it, I meant everything I said. I was trying to 
write about the pain I had at the time. The best way for me to do this 
is to write it down then forget about it. 

But, I have a bad problem. I don't re-read my words. When I'm through
with a story, I hit the spell and grammar check, if something needs to 
be changed I do it. If it all seems ok, I submit it. If I go back and 
read it, I want to change it. I will rework it until it doesn't 
resemble the story I started with I don't like doing that. How I will 
ever publish a novel I don't know! But that's the way I write. 

Any ways, sorry I got sidetracked, I wrote the story. It didn't sit well
with the person I wrote about. He didn't like it; I wasn't looking for 
his approval. When I didn't get it, I found out it was important to 
have it. Yes, I know it sounds crazy, I didn't think his opinion even 
mattered any more I learned that it did. 

He hasn't talked to me since, I asked him not to read it. But, only
after I told him that it was okay to read it. I got scared and got 
offline, went to bed, didn't think about it at all. I knew if I did it 
would drive me insane. 

He has taken a story and turned it into a big deal, won't even tell me
what he thought. He won't look at it from my point of view, just got 
his feelings hurt and is taking it out on me. He should know that I 
didn't mean anything by it. It was my pain talking, not me. I was just 
lashing out, not at him but the pain I felt. 

He won't private message me now, won't talk to me in a chat room, if I
happen to be in the same one he's in. I did write him an email telling 
him that I'm sorry, no answer there either. 

Since I wrote the stupid story, I've been getting hang up calls every
day, sometimes more than once a day. My phone number isn't widely 
known; it's not a published number. I have a feeling it's him, just 
can‘t prove it. 

I'm probably worried about nothing; in a few days he'll forgive me. 


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