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What is Sexy? (standard:other, 921 words)
Author: LoriAdded: May 09 2004Views/Reads: 2052/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Re-worked it to see if it would flow better. Thanks Peter for reading it in the first place. Feedback is always welcome, let me know what you think.

What is Sexy? 

By: cowgirl_11 

What is SEXY? I find myself asking this question a lot lately. Today, I
hope to get some answers as I sit here listening to music. Listening to 
different singers describe love, sexiness, things that makes up a song, 
make up life. One dictionary defines it: arousing or tending to arouse 
sexual desire or interest. That doesn't help me out for crap! I don't 
want the meaning of the word; I want the feel of it. I think about what 
I find sexy. 

A bald man's head is sexy. I want to go over and rub his head; I
wouldn't do it even if I knew him. I've never known why, but they're 
sexy to look at. It goes back to when I saw Mr. Clean for the first 

A gentle caress can be sexy, if done right. When you put your love
behind the touching, it's the greatest. A rough touch can do the same, 
if that's what you like. To me, the gentle touch means he must love me. 
Its not lust driving him to do it, emotions of being with me are. 

A gentle kiss will do the same thing. He wants to think I'm fragile and
will break if treated harshly. Anyone will tell you this is the 
complete opposite of me. I'm a very strong woman; life has made me that 
way. I don't want to be smothered with love. But, every once and a 
while, I need to see the softer side of life. 

Seeing the love shining in his eyes is sexy. Because of all the women in
the world, those eyes are shining for me. To be that to someone is the 
greatest gift. 

Knowing my partner enjoys me is sexy. It's the thought of him being able
to have any woman in the world, but I'm the one he wants to please and 
be pleased by, that's sexy!! Not in a sexual sense, it's sexy if he 
makes me coffee, brings it to bed with him. It shows that he cares, 
that's the sexy part. 

Most people consider what someone has sexually sexy. I don't know about
a lot of women, but guys, big boobs aren't always fun! They can be 
annoying and get in the way. Plus, they just lie there they can't do 
tricks. Well, not unless a woman trains them, I'm not into that. 

Butts are known to be sexy; I admit a nice butt on a man is nice. Is it
really sexy? I guess in a way it is, it shows that he has a gift, if 
you want to call it that. It's not something he has to have for me to 
think he's sexy. 

Bodies are big when dealing with being sexy, aren't they? Who sees a big
person walking down the street and say “Hey that's sexy!”? With big 
people you have to get to know them first to see what's sexy. Everyone 
thinks you've got to have a size 10 to be sexy, I don't think that way. 

God couldn't grant us all beauty; he had to give it to “special” people.
You know the ones, the ones that are too dumb to know what 2x2 is. The 
Greek Gods/Goddesses of the world that don't know how to boil water. 
Yeah, those people had to be beautiful. I'm not saying that all 
beautiful people are stupid; don't send me emails about that. The ones 
that have to rely on their looks to get something out of life, are the 
ones I'm speaking of. 

Who really cares what a person looks like? I mean they are nice to look
at. But most of the ones I've known are swallow, conceited, and think 
they know it all. They think that we owe them something just because 
they have a beautiful body. 

I'm not the most beautiful woman in the world, but I think it's sexy
that I know what I want. I know how to please a man, how to make him 
think that he is a Greek God. I know how to love him like he needs to 
be loved, how to take care of him. I know how to make him smile, laugh, 
how to make him feel special. I know how to make him feel like a Man. 
Does that make me less sexy because you have to get to know me first? 
Does it make me any less sexy because I'm not a size 2? Does it make me 
any less sexy because I'm not a size 16? 

I've dated a hunk before it wasn't fun! You turn into someone that isn't
you. I was worried about someone else getting my man; worried someone 
would find him attractive. I'm insecure enough thank you! I'm not a 
jealous person; I'm comfortable with who and what I am. It was that he 
was soooooo fine that I couldn't get over the fact others were going to 
find him that way too. Plus, let me see how to put this nicely, he 
wasn't that good in the bedroom department. I think he took one too 
many steroids. 

What are your views on it? Do you find the inner beauty better? Or do
you base it on looks? Why is it, in the world we live in, people want 
to base a relationship on how someone looks? Instead of the way they 
treat us? What draws you to a person? What makes them stand out? What 
makes someone SEXY? 


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