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The Dolphin Messiah (standard:fantasy, 395 words)
Author: timsterAdded: May 11 2004Views/Reads: 2113/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
What if?

The Dolphin Messiah 

We gather to hear the words.  Love, peace, and forgiveness, are some of
the words the stranger speaks of.  All of us deep inside want those 
words to be true, yet it is hard.  Conflict between ourselves and the 
ones above have decimated our species.  Territorial wars among our 
tribes still continue. Our food source is shrinking as the others 
continue to steal from us. 

Yet he still speaks the words.   Forgive them, they do not know better. 
Show them love and soon they will learn of the word.  Peace can only 
come from within you.  Once the effort is made, all will become as must 
be destined. The stranger spoke of forgiveness of the ones whom kill 

“Follow me and this will be yours”, he says with a smile. 

A flick of the nose and a school of yellowfin tuna appear before our
eyes.  “You will never be hungry in my kingdom.  There is no hatred or 
war in the kingdom; only love and peace exist.” 

The words are powerful and hopeful.  I see others drawing closer to the
stranger.  His words have convinced many, yet I do not understand how 
one can change all. 

“Follow me now”, he commands. 

A large school follows him towards paradise.  I stay back to see were
they are being led to.  The water is becoming shallow.  Yet he 
continues towards the place were the others live.  I am afraid and fall 
a little farther behind.  The voices I hear throughout are of hope; the 
group is ready for peace. 

“Do not be afraid.  The creator will care for you throughout eternity.” 
The conviction of the stranger is strong. 

I quickly speed up to join the group. For some reason my belief in the
stranger has taken me beyond being rational.  We pass the sand bar and 
find ourselves lying in sand, with no water surrounding us.  The heat 
from the light from above burns me, I feel myself slipping away.  He 
has managed to destroy us with his words.  Our own illusions of hope 
have been turned against us. 

There is no fear, burning, pain or even hate.  I am in a place of
tranquil surroundings.  The water is perfect, fish abound everywhere; 
this is our new home.  The stranger was right; his kingdom is glorious. 
Peace is with me for all eternity. 


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