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The Volume Discount (standard:drama, 1258 words)
Author: K. DerbyAdded: May 14 2004Views/Reads: 2260/1339Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A neighbour man sees something unusual going on at a neighbours house. I'm back after a dreadful block.

The Volume Discount 

(Kerwin Derby 2004 

To start with, I saw a large truck parked ass end first in Benson's

Odd, I thought, he never said anything about movers. 

I pulled into my own driveway next door and killed the engine of my car.
 As I was getting out of the car, difficult since it was a small car 
and I'm a big guy, I saw them coming through the front door of Benson's 

Two guys, one big and needing a shave and a haircut; the other more in
need of a meal.   And a bath, if I was to judge from his greasy hair. 

To make things even odder, and it was really strange because nobody used
the front door at Benson's place, they were carrying Benson's new 37 
inch TV. 

I knew that it was brand new because he was really proud when he brought
the thing home last weekend and invited me over to watch the game.  We 
spent pretty much the whole time checking out it's features.  I had 
been envious as hell.  My TV is older and doesn't work worth crap; you 
have to squint when you watch it because the picture tube is shot and 
using the remote is a hit and miss affair. 

Benson says it's time to get a new TV but I can't afford the money to
replace it.  Benson's got tons of money and can afford things like new 

I ambled over to Benson's driveway.  I was curious, because he never
said anything about moving. 

"Hey guys!" I called out as I approached.  "What's up?" 

The two guys froze midway up the ramp leading into the back of the
truck; the skinny one almost dropping his end of the TV.  Up close the 
big guy had a vaguely stupid look, like he was retarded or something, 
and had massive nostrils to boot.  The thin guy had a more animal look 
about him - like a fox or a terrier.  He did need a bath, though. 

"Is Benson moving?" I asked.  "He never said he was moving."  I took a
peek into the back of the truck.  It was filled with TV's, high-end 
stereo components and home theatre equipment.  Not all of it was 
Benson's. Even he didn't have this much stuff. 

"Um, ah," mumbled the big guy, holding his end of the TV in a solid

"Er, ah," stammered the thin guy.  He was beginning to show some strain
from holding up the TV.  It seemed heavy and he was on the lower part 
of the ramp. 

I leaned against the side of the truck and let a pleasant smile cross my
face.  It's not like I had any plans for tonight. 

"We're taking the TV to the shop," said the thin guy, identifying
himself as the brains of the two.  "Yeah, it's broke, you see." 

The big guy was nodding so vigorously that the hair on my head was being
fanned by the breeze he created. 

"Yeah, it's busted," he said. 

"We're TV repairmen," said the skinny guy, just in case I didn't catch

I nodded slowly.  "You fix TV's, eh?" I said scraping my chin with my
hand creating a raspy sound.  My electric razor needed new blades, but 
I hadn't been able to afford to replace them either.  "You know, my TV 
isn't working so good," I said giving the skinny guy a considering 
look.  "If you guys charge reasonable rates, maybe you could have a 
look at it too?" 

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