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A Prayer for Our Soldiers (standard:poetry, 167 words)
Author: LoriAdded: May 25 2004Views/Reads: 2577/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Just something I through together to represent how I felt about our soldiers overseas.

A Pray for Our Soldiers 

By: cowgirl_11 

The wives go on with their lives, 

Praying for husbands who didn't survive. 

For the brave who didn't make it, 

We can't fall into a bottomless pit. 

We love them all over there, 

Please, Lord, let us send out this prayer. 

For this day we'll never forget, 

We'll always regret, 

Our troops are over there alone, 

Their families await them at home. 

Take pride in our nation, 

We'll have to learn a little patience. 

Our soldiers are brave and bold, 

May they win a medal of gold. 

Our prayers are for those overseas, 

Let them be heard, please. 

Some have paid that high price, 

It's the roll of the dice. 

Remember those fallen heroes, 

None of them should die being called zeros. 

Some day we'll recover from this mess, 

It'll make our countries the best. 

Now we have to rebuild lives, 

Please forgive those who told lies. 

Let our country come to peace, 

Make this war come to a cease. 


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