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NC - Good God Alisson (standard:horror, 1041 words)
Author: hvysmkerAdded: Jun 04 2004Views/Reads: 2570/1620Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A little girl who get her way.

“Alisson, please pay attention, Honey.  We have to talk.” 

“Uh, huh.”  Alisson plays with her jigsaw puzzle.  It was a picture of a
purple duck floating on a placid pond.  The pond was colored bright 
yellow.  Alisson loved bright colors.  When the three year old started 
putting it together, the duck was yellow and the pond blue. 

But, you see, when enough of the picture was together to see what it
was, Alisson wanted a purple duck, so it was purple.  Alisson always 
got what she wanted. 

She held up a piece of yellow pond, squinting her blue eyes.  It
wouldn't fit in the particular place she wanted it.  Alisson stared at 
the puzzle a moment, and looked at the errant piece of cardboard.  The 
cardboard began to flow into itself.  Surprise, when she tried again, 
it fit.  The little girl smiled and picked up another piece. 

“Alisson, can you hear me, Alisson?”  The woman's voice seemed to come
out of the thin air, nobody could be found to talk to the girl in 
person.  Not since the last one was turned into a pony.  Alisson wanted 
a pony at the time, not a psychologist.  One of this one's objectives 
was to get the girl to turn the pony back into a human. 

“Uh, huh, wat you want, I'm playin'?”  Tired of the puzzle, it

“Just to talk, and say hello.” 

“Hello, can I have a cookie?”  She got up and started walking around the
room.  It was a a typical girl child's room, with cartoon characters on 
the wall, and stuffed animals lying around.  There were windows along 
one wall, another wall had a square metal slot on it though, that 
wasn't so typical, but needed to give the child a cookie. 

Alisson could make many things, but not cookies, or any living or once
living things.  So, she couldn't make a cookie.  Now, she could make a 
cookie into a pile of potato chips, for instance.  The child could 
change organic matter from one form to another, just not create it 

“You can have two, no make it three cookies, if you tell me what you did
with your parents.” 

“No, I don' wanna.  Give me a cookie.” 

“Alright, you can have a cookie.  Look in your cookie book, and I'll
give you some.” 

Alisson went over to her book shelf and got a picture book, one with a
big cookie on the cover.  She sat cross legged on her green bedspread 
and, book on her lap, started choosing what kind of cookie she wanted. 

Soon there was a thunk at the bottom of the metal wall slot.  A small
hockey puck size object lay at the bottom.  It was a balanced lump of 
dietary components.  Along with vitamins and other supplements. 

It also contained vital medications, vital to the safety of the world,
and maybe even the entire universe.  You see, Alisson was a young 
Goddess.  Young and naive, and even a little stupid, according to the 

Alisson picked a large chocolate chip cookie out of the slot, and
munched on it. 

“Now, will you tell me about your parents, your Mama and Papa, and what
happened?  Did they make you mad?” 

“Uh, Huh.”  She smiled at the memory, 

“What did they do, Alisson?  To make you mad?  Did they hit you?” 


“Then what did they do, talk bad to you?” 

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