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NC-Doetoevsky Would Die (standard:drama, 773 words)
Author: CucicuAdded: Jun 05 2004Views/Reads: 1896/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a story about love. You can never sleep with your husband twice for the first time again.

Doetoevsky Would Die 

“Would you like something to drink?” 

“What?”  Nora asked, half asleep. 

“Would you like something to drink? Coffee, tea, soda?” 

Nora stared at the attendant for a moment. There was something strange
about the way he looked. His eyes were a mechanical blue color. 

“No. No thanks,” she said and closed her eyes again. 

Her mind kept going back to the night before. It was no big deal she
kept telling herself.  She and Bill had gone out to dinner together 
just as they had done dozens of times before.  NO BIG DEAL! She had 
worked with him for several years and they had become good friends.  
All of a sudden, her thoughts were interrupted by a crackling noise. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your flight Captain speaking.  It looks
like there's a bit of a traffic jam down there at JFK, so it'll take us 
a few more minutes to land.  We should be on the ground in about 15 to 
20 minutes.” 

Nora glanced at her watch and then at the man sitting next to her.  She
hated flying coach. It seemed that she was always stuck sitting with 
overweight males whose bodies were too big for their seats. He noticed 
that she was awake and started talking to her. 

“Do you live in New York City ma'am?”  he asked with a southern drawl. 

Nora looked at the clouds rushing by outside the window for a second and
then spoke. 

“No.  I live in Nutley, New Jersey,” she said. 

Even though it was none of his business, she felt she needed to explain

“I couldn't catch a flight out of Newark.” 

“Oh,” he said, approvingly, and pretended he understood what she meant. 

“I've lived in Florida all of my life,” he said.  “Were you vacationing
in Orlando?” 

“No. Business trip,” she said abruptly and turned away. 

Nora followed the signs for the baggage claim area, and then sat and
waited for her suitcase to appear on the conveyor belt.  She usually 
didn't check her baggage and she was annoyed about having to wait.   
She was avoiding calling her husband, but kept blocking the reason why 
from her mind.   The man standing next to her reminded her of Bill. It 
was no one's fault, she thought. It just happened.  Nothing was 
planned.  A little bit too much to drink. One thing led to another and 
before you know it.  Well, it will never happen again. She wasn't even 
attracted to him. 

It's O.K.  Everything is going to be alright. 

The clock on the wall kept staring at her. She was running late. Nora
reached into her purse to find her cell phone so she could call home.  
“Damn it,” she said. The battery was dead so she would have to wait 
until she got into her car.  She finally saw her suitcase and rushed 
out of the terminal to catch the long-term parking shuttle bus. As soon 
as she was in her car, she plugged her cell phone into the cigarette 
lighter and started the engine.  Nora looked at herself in the rear 
view mirror for one long second and then headed for the exit. 

Driving home from JFK was usually a nightmare and Nora hated it.  No
matter what time of the day or night it was, there was always traffic. 
She decided to wait until she crossed the Goethals Bridge before making 
the call.    She found herself rehearsing in her mind what she was 
going to say to Doug. “Oh you know, meetings and the same old boring 
stuff....  I hate being away from you... I'm going to talk to Carol on 
Monday about limiting my time on the road....” 

Nora was driving in automatic pilot and before she knew it, she had
crossed the bridge into Elizabeth.   Without any hesitation she reached 
for the phone and dialed the number she had called so many times 
before, but this time it seemed so very different.  She felt a chill 
running down her spine. 

“Hello!” “Bill?” “Hi! It's me Nora.” “Really?” “Yeah, me too!” 

They kept talking until she made the turn onto her street.  She put the
phone down and pulled into her driveway.   She could see Doug sitting 
in the living room waiting for her. She honked her horn several times 
and saw him get up and head towards the front door.  He was smiling as 
he let her in. 

“Hi honey!” she said and wrapped her arms around his body.  “Oh, it's so
great to be home. I MISSED you so much!” 

“It's O.K.,” she thought to herself. Everything is going to be alright. 


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