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Alice in Cyberland (standard:adventure, 944 words)
Author: hvysmkerAdded: Jun 05 2004Views/Reads: 2704/1624Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Little Alice finds a unique way into her father's computer and interrupts an adult couple at play. Adult children's story

Alice Adams was a bright little four year old.  Her favorite time was
when she got home from school.  Both mama and papa were at work, and 
she had the whole house to herself.  She knew how to fix a peanut 
butter and jelly sandwich by herself and would fix two or three before 
sitting down at her father's big computer. 

He had a big, big, one.  One with a screen almost as big as she was. 
She would pile a bunch of books on the chair, to sit on.  Alice liked 
to sit real high on the chair, so she could look down at the computer 
screen, the keyboard on her little lap.  If she got real close to the 
screen it seemed like she was inside it.  Sometimes she would even lean 
over and press her nose against it.  That made her nose warm and 

When her parents were home, they made her use her little computer and
sit far back, and low.  That's why she liked it when they were at work. 
 She knew it was ok, as long as she didn't get any peanut butter on it. 
 So, she was very careful. 

She liked to use her father's ‘Favorite' menu.  It had a lot of pictures
of naked people.  She thought the pictures looked silly, most of them 
wrestling around on a bed, floor, or ceiling.  Especially the boys, 
with those funny things sticking up all the time. 

One day she was sitting on her pile of books, looking at some pictures,
when she dropped some jelly on the table. 

Oh, no, she thought, better clean that up.  She leaned over, sandwich in
one hand and a kleenex in the other, to wipe the table.  The third book 
down started to slip and Alice fell against the monitor.  She dropped 
both the kleenex and sandwich, to stop herself. 

Alice was very surprised when she didn't stop at all.  She fell a long
ways and ended up on the bedroom carpet.  The green one in the picture. 

“Ow, that hurts.”  She exclaimed, hurting her right knee.  Little Alice
sat and rubbed the sore spot. 

“What the hell.”  She heard and, looking up, saw the man and woman
looking at her.  She had interrupted their wrestling. 

“What the hell,”  He said again, as thought she hadn't heard the first
time.  She wasn't dumb, she had heard him, “are you doing here?  Who 
are you, and what are you doing?” 

“I'm Alice, and I hurt my knee.”  She told him.  “On YOUR floor.  You
shouldn't have had it there.” 

“It's always been there, and you haven't” 

“I haven't what?”  Alice advised him to, “say what you mean, or mean
what you say.  That's what my mama always tells me.”  And then to 
placate them.  “It's a nice floor though, nice and green, like grass.  
I like it.” 

“I don't give a damn if you like it, or not.”  For some reason he seemed
mad at her.  That wasn't a nice way to start a new relationship, she 
thought.  “How the hell did you get in here anyway?”  He finished.  The 
woman just looked at her with big eyes, holding a sheet in front of 

“I fell here, the jelly slipped and I just fell in, is all.”  She
explained.  “I knew I shouldn't have used grape jelly, in the first 
place, or even in the last place.”  She nodded to herself for figuring 
it out. 

The man swung his legs off the bed, and grabbed his pants from the
floor.  She saw his funny thing was small now.  His face was red as he 
got dressed. 

“I wanna go home now, and what happened to your funny thing.  It was big
before and just got small?”  That just got him redder, and made the 
woman laugh.  Good, she was having fun.  Maybe more fun than wrestling. 
After all, she wasn't laughing in the picture. 

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