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Alice and Snowball in Wonderland (standard:adventure, 2014 words)
Author: hvysmkerAdded: Jun 05 2004Views/Reads: 2961/1805Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Alice returns to Wonderland, and takes her pet rabbit for a visit. An Adult Children's Story

Daddy brought little four year old Alice a new bunny rabbit. It was a
white female rabbit Alice named Snowball, because it would curl up in a 
tight white ball, with only one red eye looking out at her. 

Snowball was kept in a cage by herself. Alice didn't like that, figuring
the animal got lonely all by itself, on the back porch. When Alice got 
home from school, and had the house to herself, she would let Snowball 
out. The rabbit was curious and soon checked out the entire house. Then 
she would hunt for Alice. 

Sometimes Snowball would jump up on the furniture and lay little brown
eggs. Alice knew that rabbits laid eggs, the Easter Bunny did, and she 
was a rabbit. One time Alice tried to cook some in the microwave. They 
smelled icky though, so Alice didn't try to eat them. Alice just 
collected them in a jar, to see if they would hatch into new rabbits. 

Snowball would follow Alice around and jump on her lap, sometimes. One
time her mother came home early and found Snowball out of her cage. 
Mama told Alice not to let the rabbit out. Alice said she wouldn't do 
it anymore, but the next day, looking into Snowball's sad eyes, Alice 
forgot her promise. 

The other day, Alice found out that she could go places using her
father's big computer. If she tried, she could fall through the 
computer screen, right into a picture. 

The first time, she interrupted some adults playing a game. The man got
mad, so she went back home, through the back of the screen. Later, she 
went into a picture of Disneyland. It wasn't much fun because she 
didn't have any money. She got tired standing around and came back 

Yesterday, Alice had found a picture of ‘Alice in Wonderland” on the
Internet. She made a copy and put it on a floppy disk, so she could put 
it on her Father's computer and visit. 

With Snowball nibbling on her toes, she put it in his computer, and
pushed the enter key. Sure enough, the picture came on the screen. 

Alice put her head inside the screen, to see how far it was to the
ground on the other side. She looked around, and made sure all the 
doors were locked, before jumping in the monitor. It was only a few 
inches, so she didn't hurt herself in the fall, like her first time, 
when she hurt her knee. 

Alice landed on soft grass. It felt so good she rolled around a minute,
before looking back and seeing Snowball on the other side, looking at 
her, and the grass. Snowball loved grass and, as Alice watched, jumped 
down and started eating it. 

“I have to get you back home, Snowball,” Alice told the bunny, “before
you get lost or something.” She advanced toward Snowball, who backed 
quickly away, shaking her head. 

“Uh,Uh. And miss all this grass?” Snowball told her, staying out of poor
Alice's reach. “It's yummy. Leave me alone.” “I didn't know you could 
talk, Snowball.” A shocked Alice responded. “Why didn't you tell me 
before. We could have talked about all kinds of things, like how stupid 
boys get, and boy rabbits, of course.” 

“I don't know any or either, Alice.” Snowball told Alice. “Except for
brothers, that is. Do they count?” 

“Not really, I don't think so.” Alice thought out loud. “They ARE boys,
but then again, not. Something completely different, is all.” 

The two were so engrossed in eating grass, at least one of them, and
thinking that they were surprised when a voice behind them said. 

“And what are you ladies doing on such a fine day?” 

They both spun around and confronted a particularly well dressed male
rabbit, He wore a handsome purple and yellow suit, with a large pocket 
watch in it's own little pocket, complete with a very golden chain. 

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