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Fall on the floor (standard:poetry, 146 words)
Author: WiltonAdded: Jun 06 2004Views/Reads: 2252/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
My lifes motto...

Still i am living tall 

Yet im living the fall 

That i took, since i came 

To this world, 

Wich i can't blame 

I never felt sorrow 

for this fall, 

Wich is my lifes path 

In wich there's no walls 

Only empty space 

And a bottom, where i'l smash 

Until then, i'l just live 

Couse in the end, 

It finishes in a flash 

But still, i think im blessed 

Either that or im possesed 

Becouse im living the fall 

Everyday, i say "Thank you 

"For leting me in you 

"And yet let me continue 

"Becouse i want to live it 

"My life, thank you, im in it" 

Like a door, 

I open it up 

Couse when i hit the floor 

It will shut up 

Leaving this behind 

I know it's scary 

But who knows what i'l find 

My life, a joy 

Something i'l never leave behind 


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