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Hipnogogic rhyme (standard:poetry, 342 words)
Author: WiltonAdded: Jun 07 2004Views/Reads: 2527/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A dazed and high man hears it all...

Jonathan- "Whoa! Where am I? Have I fainted, or have i died? Maybe it
was that weed, that made me high This place is weird, is there anyone 
here I can feel my body, but cant feel love, hate or fear Strange..." 

A figure apears out of nowhere wearing nothing but underware The figure
then talks 

Figure- "John, how many times did my voice whisper Not to smoke weed.
Its bad for your health mister! I warn and i shout, couse im worried 
But you never hear me out, you dont want do be burried." 

Jonathan- "C'mon man. Im not that tough. If you warned me, you didn't
said loud enough You always say things when its to late. C'mon, leave 
bad vaibes and smoke with me mate." 

Figure- "I am God man, can't you see. The only one that all can see And
want you to be A healthy good looking boy But you play with your life 
Like it was a Action man toy." 

Jonathan- "Wathever man, i quit. Looks like its bad living with this
s*** C'mon, i got it plain I've learned the lesson, And won't do it 

God- "It is too late You crossed the line Since you are stupid, let me
tell You ran out of lives pall Your dead..." 

Johnathan awakes with cold swet in his face He then calms down and
lowers his hearts pace 

Johnathan: "Thank god im alive Couse i was able to learn something That
i dont need the weed To feed my feel of living. All i need is myself 
and my health, ho yeah, and my wealth. Aside from that, im happy If i 
take more of that wack Il probably get wacky Im going to stop, i was 
getting obssesed Ill start living my life that yes is blessed" 

God watches John walking the street And smiles at the scenary Up there
in His seat He then silently says to one of his angels with just one 
thong: "Now there is a man that will live long!" 


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