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The Curse of Agnes Wakefield (standard:horror, 580 words)
Author: kendall thomasAdded: Jun 24 2004Views/Reads: 2419/1482Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Was it the fulfillment of an ancient curse or just an accident?

The Curse of Agnes Wakefield 

by Twisted Wabbit 


“Well,” Detective Anderson said staring at the body of Isaac Mather.  “I
don't think this is a case of homicide.” 

Mather was lying at the base of a large willow, a chain saw next to him.

Anderson lit a cigarette, blowing smoke out his nostrils audibly. 

“It's obvious he was starting to cut down the willow.  The chain saw
must've jumped from his hands and cut his throat.” 

“Yeah, Lieutenant, sure looks like that's the way it went down,”
Sergeant Blair replied.  “Poor bastard; didn't feel a thing from the 
looks of it.  Death must have been instantaneous.” 

“Hardly an accident,” another voice spoke out.  It belonged to Alex
Summer a tall, dark man with a neatly trimmed goatee.  He was a 
neighbor who had discovered the body. 

“Why do you say that, Mr. Summer?” the lieutenant asked. 

If Alex Summer had been an actor, the lieutenant was thinking, he would
have been perfect for the role of Satan or the leader of some outre 
cult.  Which wouldn't be too much of a stretch considering that he was 
the local wicca and a noted historian with several best-selling books 
on the occult. 

“Because of  the curse, lieutenant,” Summer replied with a thin smile. 

“Curse?  What curse?” the lieutenant asked scratching his head. 

“The curse of Agnes Wakefield.  She was hanged from this willow in 1743
after being tried for witchcraft.  Before they kicked the support out 
from under her she declared the tree to be her living memorial and 
levied a curse against anyone who harmed it or who disturbed her 

The lieutenant and the sergeant exchanged looks. 

But before the lieutenant could reply an officer who had been milling
about the base of the tree gave a shout. 

“Sir, you'd better look at this,” he said pointing to the ground. 

Going to where the officer was the lieutenant saw a skeletal hand
sticking up where the chain saw had dug a hole when it fell down. 

After half hour of digging officers uncovered the remains of a skeleton.
“I think you'll find those are the bones of Agnes Wakefield,” Summer 
said.  “According to legend her executioners buried her at the base of 
the tree.” 

“Perhaps,” the lieutenant said.  “But it hardly proves that Mather was

“Well, I hope you're right, lieutenant for your sake,” Summer said, with
another thin smile.  “Because according to legend she will return from 
the very pit of hell to avenge herself. 

The lieutenant nudged the sergeant and lifted his eyebrow whimsically. 

As he and the sergeant walked back to his car the lieutenant paused. 

“What was that sound?” he asked turning to the sergeant. 

“Ah, that's nothing.  Just the wind whispering through that willow. 

“Kinda eerie isn't it?” 

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