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Life is a Soap Opera (standard:other, 388 words)
Author: kendall thomasAdded: Jun 24 2004Views/Reads: 2105/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Story 'bout cheatin' hearts.

Life is a Soap Opera 

by Twisted Wabbit 


“Life is a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying yuh

“Naw, Willy, yuh got it all wrong,” Bank-shot Pete said, as he sighted
down his cue stick with a squint at the nine ball.  “Life is a soap 
opera -- without the commercials.” 

Click-clunk.  The nine ball circled the rim of the side pocket several
times, then dropped out of sight. 

Pete stretched up on his toes while shifting his cigar to the other side
of his mouth with an up and down motion of his teeth, then stalked 
around the table, his eyes fixed on the eight ball. 

“Corner pocket,” he said.  Then after a pause.  “See old Benny's wife
over there by the bar?” 

Willy glanced that way. 

“Yeah, so?” 

“She sleeping with half the regulars.” 

“How yuh know?” Willy asked. 

“Cause I'm one of 'em,” Pete grinned.  “Funny thing though,” he
continued slowly.  “Old Benny's cheating on her with the wives of some 
of the regulars and neither one knows about the other.  Just like a 
soap opera” 

“Know any?” Willy asked. 

“Nope.  But it ain't mine.  You can bet on that.  You couldn't get Sally
away from the TV long enough for anything like that.” 

After a couple more games Willy nodded to Pete and went toward the front
of the bar. 

“Where you headed?” Pete asked. 

“Ah, gotta be gettin home.  Old lady'll be waiting. 

At the front of the bar he stopped at the pay phone. 

“Sally, it's me, Willy; yeah he's playing pool.  I let him beat me
several games.  He thinks he's on a winning streak; he'll be here all 
night.  Yeah, you know it, babe.  I'll be over in a jiff.” 

He hung up, then punched out another number. 

“Honey, it's me; just wanted to tell you I won't be home till late. 
Scott, you know, the foreman at work, wants me to take the evening 
shift.  I know, baby, I hate it too, but I can use the overtime.” 

As Willy headed out the door he gave Pete a wave. 

“Who was that?” Benny asked, nibbling at her ear. 

“Willy.  You won't have to leave now; he's working late.  But you'll
have to stop that until the Young and the Restless is over.” 


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