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Through the Eyes of the Dead (standard:fantasy, 2445 words) [1/3] show all parts
Author: kissofthehungryUpdated: Jun 29 2004Views/Reads: 2499/1688Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Cavara has a gift, she can venture into the land of the dead, as well as take those that deserve it with her. When she pledges her loyalties to King Brenton, she is drawn into a conspiracy that will threaten her homeland.

Cavera realized exactly how young she was as opposed to the other
members of the Order. Her twenty three years were easily beat by the 
fourty and plus members. They'd all came into their gifts when they 
were older versus she, who had been cursed early on. The differences in 
age caused the older ones to avoid her like a plague. Not that she 
really minded. She'd came from the Blackwood Unit and as such, she 
wasn't really sociable. It was the way she'd been bred, and at the 
moment, she was thankful. 

'Order of Brenton Kingdom, let us come together in silence,' a deep
voice bellowed, rich in texture and in complete control. Immediately, 
the din roar of the Order silenced. Excitement thudded in her chest, 
this was her first meeting. Eagerly, she glanced over the throng of 
heads, looking for the speaker. Then she spotted him. A tiny man no 
taller than her waist stood at the podium, his black hair slicked back 
from his wide forehead. She knew him at first glance to be King 
Brenton, known for his short stature but fierce spirit. It was an honor 
to be in his presence for he had conquered the Units and united them. 
Though there was much grumbling among the people, she truly believed 
they were better united. For combined as one, they were a force to be 

'Welcome my companions, the most trusted and gifted of your lands, our
land. Today, I finally present to you the last missing Unit, the last 
link. Cavara, of Blackwood Unit, has a rare gift, one that has only 
been present in Markers a few times in the last thousand years. She has 
the ability to summon the dead, to venture unharmed into the Underworld 
and return with spirits. Consequently, she is of great value to our 
cause, and the youngest of our forces,' eyes fell upon her and she felt 
uncomfortable in the unwanted shift of attention. Now they would 
befried her, as if they were honored, when all they wanted was a taste 
of her gift. She smiled, feeling her cheeks burn, they didn't care 
about her before... why'd they have to care now? 

'Enough making Cavara your freak show,' Brenton announced, drawing all
eyes back to him, 'We have another issue, this time in White Castle 
Unit. Their Marker came upon his own accord to our side, but White 
Castle refuses to follow tradition. They will not give their loyalties 
to whom their Marker deems worthy. We need to break their spirit to 
fight against us, which is why we are so lucky to have Cavara on our 
side. For she alone, can bring a Unit to their knees.' Once more, she 
was unwillingly the center of attention. This time it was different, no 
longer gawky staring, their expressions all bore awe. Which, of course, 
she felt as well, and uncertainty, for she had no idea how her powers 
would be able to bring down a Unit. 

Thankfully, Brenton never allowed them much staring time at her, '
Cavara will report to me after this meeting is adjourned. If our plan 
works, there wil be great changes in our future. Now Order of Brenton's 
Kingdom, my treasured Markers, go to the booth and fill out the 
'surveys'. May results be more favorable this round.' Quickly, she 
walked to the nearest booth and slipped inside. The first question 
asked if her Unit pledged to King Brenton. She could still hear the 
cries of outrage and betrayal ringing from the crowd as she desperately 
tried to explain her decision. Of course not, she marked no, Blackwood 
Unit isolated themselves and had no desire to be united with their 
neighbors, even if it was a necessity. By the time she finished filling 
out the survey, she knew that the next meeting would be addressing 
Blackwood Unit, and she hoped her powers would not be called upon to 
wreak havoc upon them. 

When she stepped out of the booth, there were two guards waiting to
accompany her to King Brenton's side. With gruff expressions and gazes 
that saw through her, they strode in a solid march to a door in the 
grand hallway. They opened the door then shut it behind her, leaving 
her alone with the tiny man and a tall one in a dark purple cloak. From 
the colors of his cloak, she knew him to be an Advisor, one with powers 
of his own that could be used only for royalty and no one else. Taking 
a deep bow, she rose to see the Advisor watching her with piercing 
green eyes that missed nothing. There was something about his nature 
that made the hairs on her neck rise and a knot of fear tie in her 

'Ah Cavara,' Brenton spoke as if she were his daughter, not a stranger
he had just met, 'Such a wonderful pleasure, how are you?' She smiled 

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