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Thank you (standard:poetry, 289 words)
Author: Melissa S. BarronAdded: Jul 27 2004Views/Reads: 2539/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
a poem i wrote after getting my heart broken... and a good friend helped me see things differently

Thank you 

He will never know how much I've cried, wishing once again he was by my
side. He is the  reason, I can't trust, When he walked in with her, my 
heart turned to dust. I was willing to change everything about me, 
Anything, to make him see. All, the things he said, he denied. I wish 
that I could look over the past and rewind. I can't, because you can't 
change the past, but I have learned at last. A good friend made me see 
clear, that sometimes it's more then what's in the mirror. That mirror 
was fogged up, unable to show, the side of me he didn't get to know. I 
loved him with all of my heart, little did he know, he tore it apart. 
One night, I sat on my bed, all these thoughts ran through my head. 
What did I do, what did I say that made him turn and go away? I guess, 
that I'll never know... I'm tired of seeing my tears flow. I'm tired of 
being the girl that is the one that is to pay, For things that he was 
to afraid to say. I fell, in love, that's something he'll never know, 
because he didn't take the time to see that side of me I wasn't ready 
to show. When I was ready, it was to late, to him I was low rate. I 
just want to thank the one that made me see, the one, that likes me for 
me. The one that, I am very thankful gave me great advice, the one that 
is so sweet and so nice. You are a great friend, one that I hope will 
always be here til the end.


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