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The Hijack (standard:action, 1733 words)
Author: hvysmkerAdded: Aug 13 2004Views/Reads: 5793/2385Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Children Hijack an airliner for Disneyland

Janet Johnson often went to work with her mother.  The ten year old girl
with shining black hair would play in the terminal or sometimes help 
her mother clean airliners.  There was a lot of security but all the 
guards knew Mrs. Johnson and rarely checked her on the way in.  They 
never, never checked little Janet.  The little girl would pretend to 
flirt with the guard and often get a pat on the head for her efforts. 

“You working on that same 747 all the time, Mrs. Johnson?”  Sam the
guard asked as they entered through the employee's gate. 

“Whenever it's here, Sam.  The pilot likes my work and always asks for
me, us,” with a glance at Janet. 

Janet wanted to help her mother that day.  She went along as her mother
entered the large aircraft through an employee's ramp on the other side 
from the normal boarding ramp.  It was a powered ramp and easier than 
walking.  The power was because employees often carried large loads to 
the aircraft. 

As her mother went to a pantry for cleaning supplies, Janet hurried to a
little secret hiding place on the huge plane.  It was in a seldom used 
inspection hatch.  Looking around quickly Janet opened her backpack and 
stashed several pistols and parts of a tommygun in the cavity.  She 
then hurried back to her mother and helped clean the airplane. 


“Hey, Janet's back.”  Jackie told the other kids when he saw her head
sticking up at the door of the treehouse. “You got them all planted?”  
All four of the others crowded around her. 

It was July of 1994 and they had an ambitious plan hatched. 

“All finished, guys.  Now we just gotta all get on board and we're all
set.”  She beamed at her friends.” 

“I can get us in the gate.”  Pete reassured the others.  “I live over
that way and me and Tommy got a hole cut in the fence at runway eight.” 

“And I can drive anything,” Joey told them with a grin, “my brother
taught me how to drive his bosses dumptruck.  If I can reach the pedals 
I can drive it.  It even has eight gears, and I can get up to four.” 

The five kids spent the next several hours going over their plan.  They
would even bring Spike, Joey's dog along.  Spike had never been on an 
airplane and Joey figured a mascot would fit right into the plan.  
Since everything was ready and Janet knew the plane was set to take off 
early the next morning, they would all sneak out and meet at Pete's 


‘Riiiinnnnnngggg' Janet's alarm clock woke her at three a.m.  She had
never been up that early in her life, but she forced her way out of the 
bed and got dressed as quietly as she could.  Remembering to go to the 
bathroom first, she got her backpack and left through her bedroom 

When she got to Pete's house the others were already there and trying to
scare each other with their Halloween masks. 

“Boo, my Dracula scares your Witch.”  Tommy laughed at his friend Joey. 
“Oh, here she is guys.  You all ready, Janet?  Where's your mask?  You 
didn't forget it did you?” 

“No, silly,” Janet scowled at him, “I'm not putting that silly thing on
until we get there.  I can't see much with it on.  Come on, we gotta 
get started before anyone gets to the plane.” 

They went down to the airstrip and through the hole in the fence.  It
was a long walk, but they eventually came to a utility vehicle park  
near one of the minor gates.  While Joey and Pete tried to hotwire a 
luggage tractor, the others checked the other ones out.  Jackie had to 
hold the dog Spike to keep him quiet.  He was beginning to regret 

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