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Her Vow of Love (standard:romance, 1400 words)
Author: LoriAdded: Aug 24 2004Views/Reads: 2062/1146Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A bride's vow on her wedding day.

Her Vow of Love 

By: Lori a.k.a cowgirl_11 

The bride looks at her groom. The time for her vows draw near. A loving
vow that will pledge her life to another. She hopes she doesn't forget 
what she wants to say. Having prepared for this day her whole life, it 
would look stupid if she couldn't remember the words she wrote. The 
song starts to play softly. She waits to hear the first verse; timing 
is everything. 

“Another day, without your smile. 

Another day just passes by. 

But now I know, how much it means for you to stay, right here with me. 

The time we spent apart will make our love grow stronger. 

But it hurts so bad I can't take it any longer.” 

She looks into the eyes of her beloved. She takes a deep breath, to fill
her lungs as much as the dress will allow. Holding it, until she's 
about to pass out from lack of oxygen, she lets it out in a soft swish. 

“Oh God, please let me say the right words.” She prays one last time.
Opening her mouth she lets the words come as they may. 

“I, Lisa Diana Lawless, take you David Thomas Smothers, to be my lawful
wedded husband. Everyone told me I had to start out that way. Now, 
that's out of the way, I can say what I want too.” Lisa listens to the 
guests' chuckle. 

The only reason she starts this way is because of her parents. She
didn't want to let them down. They wanted traditional; she wanted her 
dream. A dream where she pledges her love to another. Her dream is 
coming true today. 

“David, it wasn't your smile that first drew me too you. It was the
kindness in your voice. Why you ever decide to come into that chat 
room, I will never know!” Chuckles from the guests ripple around the 
room. “But, I thank God for letting you cross my path.” 

Lisa squeezes his hand out of love. Even though they are connected
through love, Lisa is shy about voicing her opinion in front of a 
crowd. Holding on to David is a way for her to stay grounded, a way for 
her to feel safe and secure to say what is in her heart for this man. 

“We lived apart, but were together, for six months. We moved in together
after that to see if we could make a go of it. I feel the time we've 
spent apart made our love stronger. We took it nice and slow. Not 
rushing it, or us, while we let what we have blossom and grow. 

“We've both had to overcome a lot to get where we are now. I had a
couple of walls to break down.” Lisa pauses for the laughter she knows 
will follow. It does, most of it from the groom himself. “I couldn't 
put them up fast enough before you would knock them down again. I never 
will know how you got into my heart, but I‘m so glad you did.” 

Lisa pauses, not wanting to rush herself. She lets the chorus play. 

“I wanna grow old with you. 

I wanna die lying in your arms. 

I wanna grow old with you. 

I wanna be looking in your eyes. 

I wanna be there for you, to share in everything you do. 

I wanna grow old with you.” 

The music fades to where only the bride can be heard. 

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