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Whispers in the Wind (standard:romance, 270 words)
Author: timsterAdded: Sep 27 2004Views/Reads: 2166/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Whispers always call...

Whispers in the Wind 

Part 1 

Alas, I hear the whisper again, blending in with the leaves, rustling in
the wind. 

Who is it that tries to call?  If only I could make it out.  Could it be
her?  I have only gazed upon her in my dreams.  Shall I wander to where 
the voice calls?  Love beckons me to see. 

Part 2 

I draw closer to the whisper.  The voice is that of female, as in my
dreams.  Do I dare call out to her?  Beyond the trees is a meadow of 
lavender.  The smell is sweet on this summer's night.  Steps ever 
closer to the voice fill me with harmony. 

Anticipation envelopes me as the time draw near for the meeting, which
has occurred many times before in the dreams. 

The sweet smell surrounds me as I first lay my eyes upon her.  It is

Part 3 

It is how I imagined.  Her whispers have turned to a warm soothing
voice. Eyes, blue as the deepest ocean, call for me to draw nearer.  
Hair, fine as silk threads blows gently with the breeze. 

She raises her hand for me to touch, to hold and I have no hesitation. 
It is soft and warm as bread ready to be baked.  It is no longer a 
dream, which cannot be attained; it is real as all that surrounds us.  
We walk slowly through the grass speaking of love throughout the ages.  
We are as one, thinking, speaking and loving. 

The whispers in the wind have left us to ourselves now and for all
eternity.  The dream is now real. 


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