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A Decade-Less-One Collection of Meaningless Feelings (standard:poetry, 926 words)
Author: Alexandre SchulenkovAdded: Jan 14 2001Views/Reads: 3119/1754Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
9 Sonnets I wrote over a 3 month span during which I experienced very many emotions and feelings.


When one grows apathetic with age and 

Sated with feelings; glutton'd to plateau 

With living that one can feel on demand; 

Never let one's heart to so oaken grow. 

I shall never tire of exclaiming 

Of the warmth and the beauty of the sun, 

Shall never tire of complementing 

Sunset, its coloured display outdone 

Never by another play presenting, 

Shall never tire of telling the most 

True complements of this mortal station; 

For not of myself but truth I do boast. 

Complements of truth are woven of art 

From the most central fibres of the heart. 


Tale of Love, of Destiny ours always; 

Here wilt thou read recorded on my heart, 

In crevice low, 'neath my crimson archways, 

A love too deep;  Trust not the sculpture's art; 

No marble becomes our love-solid heart; 

But we, living statues of warming heat 

With passionate sweet tenderness.  Impart! 

Each we give selves to other's destiny. 

On thy sweet breast with care, I'll lay my head, 

Find peace in snowy flesh, love free given. 

I bathe thee in poems from my heart said; 

Without thee dove, where would be my heaven? 

Thine beauty doth soothe my eyes aching groan; 

For now thy one true lover sighs alone. 


In our tender love, thy tender-sweet voice, 

Sails on airy waves as Neptune's water, 

Shall call my spirit, joyful in our choice. 

If I'm Hades, you're Demeter's daughter. 

Persephone, of Elusian field, 

With thee, my place, to thee I always turn 

In love, and, with honour duly sealed, 

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