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No Title (standard:poetry, 394 words)
Author: kickboxrkoAdded: Oct 15 2004Views/Reads: 2878/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Wrote this poem in the middle of the night. Literally at like 3 in the morning. GO figure

And its passion that's my enemy and my savior It drifts and pumps
through my body, fire rum I dance and whirl, and I'm caught in my 
motions The motions that rock my hull everyday My love aches with 
confusion, throbbing throbbing I can't stop loving so hard, my heart 
aches for rest But still, I continue I strike the keys and the notes 
swirl through my head... My ears fall in love to its creamy voice, and 
I sway to the invisible tune... And I make love to the music... 

Yet still I hunger, so I write It's a constant thrumming, like a drum,
getting faster and faster Yet it has no rhythm. It's consistent, anyone 
can hear it. So I write down my thoughts, my human mortal thoughts And 
my fingers move, and I have no connection to my brain... My 
passion/blood/rum flows into my fingers, and they move to their own 
beat And the words flow 

Desperate  now, I cannot stop. Yearning, yearning I need more Craving
the dance, the feel and smell and touch of a women Her eyes, probing 
and examining, judging like no man can A smile sends me rushing, 
pumping, and the rum heats higher Yet this yearning I cannot fill, 
though my heart works overtime And my mind works restlessly, grudging 
through familiarities... Trying to answer unanswerable questions; old 
as God 

It hurts, oh it hurts. The pain, the passion that burns is too much to
bear It is my wound, my light. God keeps pushing me, pursing me, he 
does not let up... I am his mortal tool, his eternal pen.... God 
forgive me, I need rest.... Life is too fierce,  too bright, I am too 
dull I am not a strong enough for the task I am not worthy, I am no 
soldier Weakness persists, and I crumble under its shadow 

Alone and alone and dead and sparking alive The routine continues Alone,
I try, I reach, yet still I am dead inside. Except for the 
passion/rum/blood I am alone How is this so? Have you cursed me? Can 
you free me? Will the Devil take me, kill me, crucify or console me? 
Forgive me, my shoulders are sagging My feet are plodding My heart is 
weary Forsaken yet protected, I cry a useless cry The cry of a mortal 
man facing death alone 


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