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Golden Lesson (standard:drama, 435 words)
Author: BENTLINKAdded: Oct 18 2004Views/Reads: 2689/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
An old man trys to save the life of a dog.

A Golden Lesson 

The old man was into the finial third of his daily mile long walk when
he spied a light brown blob laying atop the white center line of the 
busy city street. He knew instantly he was seeing the supine body of a 
large golden brown dog. A dog that seemed to be struggling 
unsuccessfully to rise to its feet after the passage of each whizzing 
vehicle.  The old man was horror struck for if the animal were able to 
rise and move even a few inches from its present position on the 
streets white dividing line it would be run over and killed in an 
instant by one of the countless speeding cars or trucks. 

The old mans health was not good, his gait was an almost laughable feet
wide apart teeter totter thing he had adopted so he could continue his 
daily walking in spite of the pain from his failed knee operation. His 
poor eyesight that was even a year ago too weak to pass the vision test 
for a drivers license had since grown steadily worse. But these 
physical failings were of little consequence when someone's family pet 
was endangered. No right thinking person could live with themselves if 
they stood idly by and  allowed some child's loving companion to be 
crushed right before their eyes! 

With out preamble or planning the toddling old man made for the center
of the street, his waving arms held high above his head, his slow 
awkward jerky twitchy walking style not withstanding this dog must be 
saved. The fallen creature seem to be growing weaker for as the old man 
neared the downed animal and the traffic parted and began slowing for 
the arm waving character with the crazy walk the pets rising motions 
slowed then ended. 

As he got closer still to the brown blob the old man realized he was
risking life and limb not as he had first thought for a golden 
retriever in distress, nor a beloved injured pet making its last 
valiant efforts to reach the safety of it's home and family. The brown 
mass was instead a large folded and discarded chunk of plush golden 
brown house carpet. The struggling motions he had seen earlier were 
just a lifting of one of the carpets folded corners by air movement 
from the speeding cars. The carpets color, texture and motion  had 
fooled the old mans weak eyes and summoned his giving heart. “Get out 
of our way you useless old fool, your slowing things down” was the 
timely advice offered up by a passing, irate motorist. 


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