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Three Young Friends Went Riding (standard:poetry, 967 words)
Author: Andrew DaytonAdded: Oct 19 2004Views/Reads: 2916/1882Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Three boys on their way to being men have a fortuitous encounter with strangers. Verse form.

Three young friends went riding 
To see what they could see
To spend three days a-drifting
And one of the friends was me

We galloped through the valleys
And camped among the trees 
We rode along the mountains 
And batted in the breeze.

We came one night at twilight
When hunger had us in
To a campfire warm and cheerful
A campfire and two men.

They hailed us well and welcome
As we climbed down stiff and sore
They began to make some coffee 
(Which we gave them from our stores.)

I said, "my name is Rico.
My mates are Cliff and Clem
We're glad to share your campfire."
I said to the two of them.

Then they hauled themselves afoot
And each stuck out a hand
And said "I'm pleased to meet you,
Rico, Cliff and Clem."

They settled down while we eased our mounts
and didn't give their names
But watched us in amusement
While the moon and starlight came

We sat around the campfire
And told our stories true
Of boasts and hopes and longing
And all we thought we knew.

Oh, we were a fiddle-footed lot
of boys yearning to be men
And we talked of things important
As we saw them just then.

Then the first man hitched himself around 
And introduced us to his name
The other dumped his coffee, 
And then he did the same.

And he said," our names are strange 
Though we're strangers not to you,
And we're surely glad you found us
As it's time we met you too."

The first man said," I'm Loyal,
That's short for Loyalty.
There's not a man met in kinship,
That hasn't met with me."

The other one jumped in talking, 
With hardly a moment's pause
And said," Just call me Trust."

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