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9th Street (standard:other, 259 words)
Author: A.J. SuttonAdded: Oct 22 2004Views/Reads: 2667/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I'm not sure....

She stood on the corner of 9th and Main. She hadn't eaten anything for
two days, since the incident happened. She carressed the bandage above 
her right eyebrow then shook ferociously at the thought. Her face 
showed her lack of rest and her need for food. 

All eyes she could feel on her and they hurt as if they were taking
whips to her back. But she couldn't blame them. She would do the same 
if she could. Again she touched her gauzed brow and shook. 

The house was empty and the silence danced all around her. She didn't
deserve this, she would yell in the darkness. But yes...she did after a 
moment of reconsideration. She told herself, I want to take his 
place....why can't I be gone. She looked at the picture and her body 
went tense. The knives were gone, the guns thrown away, anything that 
would end this, it was gone. 

She heard that song. Why did it have to be this way. The song that they
had danced to on the night of their first kiss. The song that they had 
sung together at the fair on their anniversary. It was to much. His 
angel would never leave her alone....So she...... 

The medics came out of the house with a girl on the roller. She had
small rope burns around her neck and another medic stood back with the 
shoes in his hand...Written on the bottom of one shoe was written, 
"Abby and Carlos 10/12/03". The other read, "Carlos and Abby 10/10/04 
and 10/12/04"...


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