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The One Epic PART 1 (standard:poetry, 528 words)
Author: A.J. SuttonAdded: Oct 26 2004Views/Reads: 2609/1685Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is The One in Poem form. Maybe its an epic...

Such has been opened to my eyes, 

From the very eyes of the one, 

Before it was killed, 

By the hands of its sons... 

- The two created, 

All that was foreseen, 

And Man opened his eyes, 

At the beginning of the Light's beam... 

- But Man fell astray, 

to the will of his own, 

And only in few, 

Were the seeds of faith sown, 

- The Baltori' they were, 

Believers among Men, 

and they weeped to the two, 

for the sake of their kin, 

- But the two did not hear, 

and it then was too late, 

For Axan the fair, 

Was a part of their fate, 

- She slept with 3 men, 

Each of different race, 

She was disgraced, 

But she held up her face, 

- For she knew that the child, 

That would come from her womb, 

Would recall the fallen, 

Or send the lost to their doom, 

- So he awoke on the realm, 

that the two had rebuilt, 

And he felt as the one had, 

Before the two felt such guilt, 

- And his name was Aparku Corcei, 

"The One Blessed" 

For the Baltori' knew, 

He would lead or break the rest, 

- So they sent him out, 

to the village of Kin, 

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