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Avis (standard:poetry, 455 words)
Author: A.J. SuttonAdded: Oct 28 2004Views/Reads: 2778/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is an epic in relation to the Oddysey. And to clear my first statement. It isn't in any way related to the Oddysey's world, gods, or time(unless this is determined by the people's beliefs). I have learned that poetry is beauty of words, not rhyming..

Rise, O Lord of the Eagles, Take up thy blade, 

The blood of Man has pooled at thy feet, 

Doest thou not care for the sons of Qen any longer? 

No, O Avis, none shall take the soul of thy beloved, 

Protect those as thou always hast done and avenge those thou could not

Such days have fallen when none could cause the Master of the Skies to
falter on his oath to the father of Man so long ago, 

Has thy compassion fallen to fear of death, 

Not Avis, my dear lord, son of Wind and father of the winds that he

This darkness that has fallen upon this realm of Eden, this cannot be
the lord over that lord Avis, 

For none it was said could over take he and the blade Gust, 

But shall such be witnessed by the gods of man and those of man who rest
in the halls of Qen early, 

Will thou not continue to thy end in the name of Man, 

Remember thy days of saviority to the races of Man, Nam and Arken alike,

Thy days of origin in the gardens of Wind, when thou looked upon Man
with love and desired to walk among them, 

The days of reckoning among the Hilaiai and Man, did thou not stand in
the face of mortality and bring Him down, 

"The Man is the creation of Qen, thine and my own brother in the name of
Terra, who still lives in all souls, and is not the soul of Terra then 
in those of Man? Doest thou wish to take life from Terra in thy mortal 

These words came from thy lips and thou wast stripped of thy cloak and
thrown to the garden of Man to walk among them in the blessing of Qen 
to protect his seed, 

O Protector, doest thou not remember such as the day of the coming of
Linth, When the beast came from the heart of Hilaiai to purge the Man 
from the realm for once and last, 

But thou rose to take the beast with thy bare hands and for a while he
was defeated but returned with ferocity ten fold, And it was then that 
thou, Avis, felt the burn of pain for the first, And Heaven felt thy 
pain and Wind went to the godsmith Din, Thy father gathered his soul 
into the blade Gust and died there for his son, thou, 

The blade took the life of Linth, son of the darkness of Hilaiai, and He
held much hate for thou and Wind in that day then, 

Would that stop now after thy father left existence for thou to proceed?

PART 2 to come soon... 


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