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Of Love and Revenge .. (standard:romance, 1475 words)
Author: Cryptic WritingsAdded: Nov 03 2004Views/Reads: 3609/1461Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Rejected by the girl he loves, he commits suicide .. then comes back in the form of a devil for revenge.. you're gonna like this one ..

She was great and I loved her, I could do nothing but loving her .. I
loved her as no one loved before .. she was an angel .. I can never 
find words to describe her .. I could do anything to see the charm of 
her eyes .. I would die for her smile.. I would kill for a word from 
her .. I love her .. I adore her .. she's the best thing that ever 
happened to me , she's gorgeous .. in other words.. she's perfect .. 
but she was experiencing the most complex emotions in her lifetime.. 
she was blocking me which fed the  depression and pain that kept 
growing greater and greater inside my heart .. 

I finally fed up and couldn't take it any longer .. she was the only
hope I ever had for happiness.. this hope kept on getting weaker and 
weaker with time until its dead ..  I made up my mind .. I looked at 
her .. I took her to my hand .. I kissed her then put her over my wrist 
and gently moved her back and forth.. it was a kind of nice feeling of 
pain I felt as blood flew like a little stream out of my hand .. I felt 
pain and weakness running all over my body, but the pain of my heart 
was much bigger .. a weird haze hit my eyes and I started to shiver .. 
sweat rolled all over my body and things faded away slowly .. 

I died .. 

It's too hot over here .. I opened my eyes and found myself in a large
hall with fire burning everywhere.. everything was set on fire .. the 
floor, the ceiling , the walls , the chairs the tables even the bed I 
was tied to .. I wondered where am I ? what am I doing here ? I 
screamed .. 

Afterwards, a huge creature came in .. I could recognize that he's a
daemon.. he himself was a piece of burning fire .. he's got the ugliest 
face I've ever seen .. hair covered all of his head and body as well , 
with a pair of horns centers his head .. and a large neck compared to 
his huge body and a tail that ends with a spear-shaped head .. his 
voice sounded like a snake .. he said : “Welcome to hell loser, I'm 
your god now .” 

I knew that I've been sent down to hell after my death .. I didn't care
.. I have nothing more to lose .. 

He approached to me and I could see the evil sparks inside his round
eyes .. I felt pain in my hands that were tightly tied to the bed I was 
laying on .. I tried to move but I couldn't .. he was getting closer 
and closer till I felt his hot breaths on my face .. He raised his 
hands and I saw his long and sharp fingertips.. he stick his hand in my 
chest violently and took out my red heart .. and a large scream got out 
from my very being .. he stick his hand in his chest and took out his 
black burning heart and put it in my chest .. then he left saying 
“Revenge .. Revenge .. Revenge ..” with his nasty diabolic voice. I 
felt nothing and went in a coma .. 

As I woke up .. I found myself in a pile of garbage bags.. everything in
me hurts and I have the word “Revenge” buzzing  in my ears .. I found 
an old broken mirror and looked at my face and I could see two 
couplings on my head .. I touched my face.. it was so  rough as well as 
my hands and whole body .. and I saw the traces of blood on my left 
hand .. that daemon had turned me to a devil seeking revenge with his 
black heart .. 

There was a couple of homeless people searching the garbage for food ..
I realized that they can't see me .. I didn't know what to do , but a 
great feeling of evil revenge grew inside my heart like an addict that 
needs drugs to feel better .. then suddenly a black hole appeared in 
the ground and tongues of fire raised from its bottom and a line of 
fire got out and morphed to the daemon's face .. he said : 

-                      “have your revenge now .. use the powers I
granted to you to do your task .. you're immortal .. nothing can kill 
you till you perform your mission .. you have the ability to show her 
yourself .. but watch out .. if anybody else saw you .. you'll be sent 
back to hell and suffer its torture forever .. go ahead .. have your 
revenge so you can rest in piece forever.. go ahead .. have your 
revenge .. have your revenge” then his voice faded away and the hole 
started to close .. 

-                      “Wait .. don't go .. please don't go ..” 

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