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A little Christmas story (standard:fairy tales, 839 words)
Author: KirkieAdded: Nov 03 2004Views/Reads: 2489/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The story is about little gremlins which are called Kalitzarakia and live in another world, where the tree that holds our earth stands, among other scary creatures. They have no access to our world. Except of course during the Christmas holidays, particul

A little Christmas story 

There are creatures that live in places which mortals can't see without
the use of their imagination, places where dreams and nightmares are 

In some of these places, creatures that are mischievous and sometimes 
even mean and cruel live there and they are banned from entering our 
world. But, there are special times, magickal events in our earth 
calendar when they are allowed  to leave their own world and enter 
ours. At these times the mortals of this world are at the mercy of 
their mischievous ways. 

Some of the these creatures are known as kalikatzarakia. Small creatures
- some might call them like gremlins, of some sort - with black soft 
fur, pointed ears, red eyes and a long pointed tail. They travel in 
packs which seems to encourage them to be bold and daring when they 
meet creatures bigger than themselves. 

So in the place where the tree that holds Earth has its roots and stands
tall and proud all year, in another land, goblins, fairies, elves and 
lots of different creatures live there and of course the 
kalikatzarakia, who are known to  like causing mischief. All year 
around they are trying to cut down the Earth's tree.   They try and try 
but the tree is a magic one and they don't seem to be able to do a lot 
of damage, they can't cut it down that easily...At the same time the 
kalikatzarakia like having fun and they are known in the entire land of 
being the most curious creatures and wanting know what is really going 
on earth. 

But lucky for the people of our world, they aren't allowed to enter
except from one particular magickal moment once a year when the gate 
finally opens and creatures from other worlds are allowed to roam 
freely. On Christmas eve, when the gate to our world opens then they 
can finally visit earth but only till the 6th of January when they must 
leave. As on that day everything gets purified with holy water and all 
evil spirits are being banished from roaming on earth (for at least 
another year). 

So on Christmas Eve they would leave their world and they will enter
ours with one thing in mind; to cause havoc. Guided by ‘tasty' smells 
of baked cookies and cakes as well as by all the fun, singing and 
laughs they will hear they'll visit earth when at last the gate that 
separates the two worlds finally opens for only 12 days. 

As they are mischievous creatures they like playing jokes and tricks on
people and animals they would find on their way. They will steal food 
and drinks every time they get a chance, if a window or door isn't 
closed properly.  But people who know about the kalikatzarakias' ways 
they will leave out ‘treats' for them because they believe that if they 
are kept fed and drunk then they won't cause any real trouble. 

All travellers are very cautious when Christmas eve approaches as they
know that in dark places the kalikatzarakia are lurking, often giggling 
or quietly with their red eyes gleaming in the dark and waiting for 
unexpected victims so they can play tricks on them. 

From whoever they will find they will demand food and drink and to
accompany them in their singing, dancing or game playing and playing 
tricks on others. Is is also known that in some cases they will even 
force the poor human or animal to follow them into their world and 
become one of them for ever! 

As for those who refuse, well, feel pity for them as the stories tell
that the consequences are terrible. They say that those unlucky ones 
usually are vanishing from the face of this earth, never to be seen or 
heard again. Only now and then someone might get a glimpse of a person 
or pet that once knew in the eyes of one of these kalikatzarakia. 

The only escape can be to offer to these creatures food and drink and
invite them to your house and then wait for the sun to come out as 
these are creatures of the night, after all. 

So be weary over the twelve nights of Christmas, of dark places and
mischievous laughs. If you hear something giggling near by or even 
footsteps behind you, on a cold Christmas night, make sure you run and 
hide or else big trouble might come your way. 

But don't despair; they would leave on the 12th night as their time on
our world would end.  You see there is a reason to why the gate opens 
to these creatures on Christmas eve and they are allowed to enter our 

While they are up here, having fun and indulging in our food and drink
our tree that holds the world renews itself. So when they go back 
they'll have to start all over again, cutting and chopping, as all 
their hard work and efforts all year around would have been in vain.... 


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