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Roses are Red (standard:horror, 2346 words) [1/3] show all parts
Author: WelisUpdated: Nov 22 2004Views/Reads: 2140/1361Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
'Roses are Red' is a story about two young people and how they come together to get trough many problems in their relationship, from their childhoods to murder.

Roses are Red Prologue 

“Hey, Bill.  Are you going to grill today?” I asked glancing up from the
novel I was reading. 

“Yeah, probably.  What are you in the mood for?” 

“I don't know.  Oh!  I have a huge craving for steak!” I said with a
little too much excitement sitting up at the thought. 

I love a big, juicy steak.  Growing up in Texas, it really just grew on
me.  Lately though, I haven't been getting around to do the things that 
I once wanted to.  I looked around, admiring the beautiful landscaping 
of our yard, noticing the minuscule things that needed to be finished 
or cleaned up.  I used to be such a perfectionist.  “A place for 
everything and everything in its place” was my motto, and I lived up to 
it.  I sighed.  One of those ‘look at what all needs to be done' kind 
of sighs.  I flipped my long blonde hair behind my shoulders out of the 
way and resumed my spot on the page.  It was then that I noticed, in my 
peripheral vision, Steve, our neighbor, approaching the natural wooden 
privacy gate, standing wide open. 

“Hey, Susan.  What have you two been doing lately?  I haven't seen you
out and about the past few days.  I was getting kind of worried, like 
you were hurt or something.  I decided to come over and see you guys 
since your gate was open.  Anyways, my mom says hi.” 

I tossed Bill a ‘this is all your fault' kind of glare.  He had carried
out the trash earlier and had apparently forgotten to close the gate 
behind him.  That's Steve, just the world's most annoying man.  I know 
he means well, but ohmigosh!  God went the whole nine, irritating yards 
when he created this guy.  You know the type, that innocent yet 
degrading  smile, thick, black rimmed glasses, and the skinniest body 
any guy could possibly have.  I silently giggled.  Bill's body is in 
pristine condition.  He had those toned biceps, ripped abs, and bulging 
pecs that could make any woman's legs feel like jello.  I'm just glad 
that I'm the woman he chose to spend the rest of his life with.  “So, 
what have you been up to, Steve?” Trying to make it apparent that he 
was not wanted here. 

“Oh, you know.  This and that.  I've been working off and on.  Can't
seem to keep a job, but I need one to be able to pay for my mother who 
is in a home because I can't keep track of her meds myself.”  He 
commented as he was helping himself to the extra metal lawn chair and 
sat down.  “I don't know how I will keep up with the financial bit and 
take care of myself...” 

I kept the fake grin of understanding on that always came in handy
whenever Steve was around and talking.  I wonder if he realizes that 
noone is actually paying attention to what he is saying?  I tuned out 
his words with the thought of having that huge steak in my lap, just 
the thought of the aroma making its way to my nose was making my mouth 

“Look at what you've done to your yard.  The magnolias are just
heavenly.  Oh, and look at that Abelia!  It's beautiful!  And just look 
at your rose bush.  What are these, they are huge.”  He said getting up 
and approaching the roses.  “I can't even dream about keeping mine 
blooming this big so late in the year.  What kind of fertilizer are you 
using?”  There was a brief pause and I looked over at Steve, for 
something had silenced him which is unusual, and saw him bent over, 
looking at the roses.  “Hey, Sue?”  He asked in a very puzzled voice. 

I glanced sharply at Bill and walked over to see what he was calling me

“What is that?  It looks like a ... oh my god... a finger!  What the

I looked down at the base of the bush to see what he was carrying on
about, and sure enough, there it was.  A human finger was protruding 
out of the ground, as if it were pointing at someone. 

I slowly started backing away from the garden and out of the way of

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