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Cecil Seagull & A Job for Kimi - for Okinawa Class (standard:fairy tales, 936 words)
Author: hvysmkerAdded: Dec 02 2004Views/Reads: 2735/1520Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Two short stories, a little over 450 words each, for the Teacher on Okinawa. Animal Fantasy, big words avoided

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“Haaiiia!”  Kimi threw a classmate named Yuuki across the room, bouncing
him onto an old pillow.  Yuuki got up and the two bowed to each other.  
It was the end of her last class; Kimiko was ready to go out and face 
the world.  She wanted to stay in school but Rat College was full for 
the next year.  Kimi would have to get a job until then. 

Now, Okinawa doesn't have many good jobs for a young female rat.  Little
Kimiko rat had to walk from Tairagawa to Hedo to check up on a cheese 
packing job.  Then she hoofed it all the way down to Naha Port.  She 
had heard they needed a Ship Rat for a trip to Japan.  No good; the 
Captain wanted a male rat. 

She tried a find a job at Tengan, but the factory there had all the rats
it needed.  White Beach needed a water rat, but Kimiko couldn't swim.  
All that traveling took a long time for Kimi since she couldn't drive a 
car and wasn't allowed on busses. 

“I just can't find a good job,” Kimiko sobbed to her mother, “nobody
wants me.”  Her mother patted her on the back and asked, “Did you ever 
think of trying right here in Tairagawa?  Why not your home town?”  
Kimi hadn't even thought of it.  She just assumed she would have to 
work far away. 

She had always admired the policemen in their nice blue uniforms, but
they never seemed to hire rats.  “Well, I might as well try.”  Kimi 
decided, walking boldly into the town police station. 

Sgt Oishi sat at his desk writing a report about some criminals he
wanted to catch.  The trouble was that they lived in a house sitting by 
itself at the edge of town.  If they saw a policeman, they ran away.  
He was wondering what to do when he heard someone say, “I need a job.  
Can I be a policeman?”  The Sgt. Looked down and saw a cute little rat 
standing in front of his desk. 

So Kimiko became a policerat.  She would hide and listen to crooks plan
robberies, then report them to her boss.  She was a good police rat.


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