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Cecil Seagull & A Job for Kimi - for Okinawa Class (standard:fairy tales, 936 words)
Author: hvysmkerAdded: Dec 02 2004Views/Reads: 2703/1500Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Two short stories, a little over 450 words each, for the Teacher on Okinawa. Animal Fantasy, big words avoided

Cecil Seagull --------------- 

Cecil Seagull was a lazy bird, whom would much rather sit than fly.  At
the moment, he sat on the rail of a tramp steamer in the middle of the 
Pacific Ocean. 

“Just look at those stupid idiots?”  Cecil laughed, seeing a dozen other
Seagulls flying in the distance.  Once in a while Cecil would spread 
his wings and fly behind the ship which was bound for Naha Port on 
Okinawa.  He would swoop down and grab a fish.  The fish were attracted 
by the ship's propellers.  The swirling water behind the ship threw the 
fish to the surface. 


Far below the surface Michiko, an Emperor fish, swam in a school with
her girlfriends.  Actually, school was out for the day and they were 
just looking around for some excitement. 

“Look, Michiko, up there?”  Her friend Hotsuko pointed upwards.  They
could see a lot of water moving around in big swirls, the active water 
was moving in a straight line. 

“Let's check it out.”  Hotsuko bubbled.  All twenty-seven of the friends
swam toward the surface to see what was making the water move like 
that.  They saw something big floating on the surface and the propeller 
moving behind it. 

“Wheeeeeee!”  The twenty-seven girl fish got caught in a whirlpool of
circling water.  It was fun to be flipped around and spit out behind 
the big ship.  They swam fast and did it again. 

Cecil saw them, he swooped down quickly and grabbed poor Michiko in his
beak.  Swimming back to the rail, he was going to eat her. 

“Oh, please, Sir.  Please don't eat me.”  Michiko cried out, causing
Cecil to pause.  He never had his food talk back to him before.  
Curious, Cecil laid Michiko down on the wet rail where she lay gasping. 

“Why not?  You're food, why shouldn't I eat you?”  Cecil asked

“I can show you a much bigger fish, much bigger than me.”  She gasped. 

“Where is it?”  Cecil asked, after all she was a very small fish. 

“Pick me up and I'll show you, please hurry up sir, I need water to

So Cecil picked her up and flew away with her.  Michiko looked down at
the ocean and saw what she wanted. 

“Down there, see it?  That big fish down there?”  Cecil did see
something floating on top of the water.  Cecil didn't mind if it were 
dead.  In fact it was better if it were dead.  A big fish sometimes 
fought back. 

He wanted to eat both Michiko and the big fish, but couldn't have both. 
Making a quick decision, he dropped Michiko and swooped down to grab 
the bigger one.  Cecil was surprised when the thing stung him.  He got 
away but was sore for days.  After that he knew not to try to eat a 

------------ A Job for Kimi ------------ 

Kimiko was a rat.  Now don't get scared, she was a very nice little rat.
 Kimi had been born under the floor of the grade school in Tairagawa, 
and got a good education by watching through a hole in the floor. 

When she graduated from school, well actually she went through the
seventh grade.  Any idiot can get that far.  After she got out of 
school she moved to a local dojo and learned Karate.  The rats would 
watch through a hole in the wall and practice at night. 

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