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Albert the Tree-Elf (For Okinawa Class) (standard:fairy tales, 430 words)
Author: timsterAdded: Dec 07 2004Views/Reads: 2803/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A day in the life of a tree-elf

Albert the Tree-Elf 

The branch wiggled as Albert yawned after a peaceful night sleep.  The
sun kept his eyes from opening completely at first, but in time they 
opened and showed him the wonderful day ahead.  Spring was in the air 
and Albert had lots of exploring to do in the new growth that 
surrounded him. 

He jumped from tree to tree as he lived in a dense forest area.  Albert
came across a large bird nest with several eggs in it.  He peeked over 
the top and touched one with his small hands.  A large bird swooped 
from the sky and buzzed his head.  The mother bird didn't want Albert 
close to the nest and he quickly left.  He knew better than to get to 
close to the mother's eggs, but his curiosity always brought him back. 

As he jumped from an Oak Tree to a Pine Tree, Albert noticed an egg
stuck between two branches.  He climbed down to it and looked above and 
saw a nest much higher in the tree.  He thought it must have fallen 
from the nest and the Mother bird would not be able to find it.  
Somehow he must find a way to put in back into the nest, but it was too 
large for him to carry. 

Albert swung from tree to tree to Jason's tree.  Jason was the wise old
elf who always had the answer to problems.  Albert explained the 
problem to Jason.  Jason went into his small house and found some rope 
for Albert.  He explained to Albert on what to do.  Albert thanked him 
and quickly went back to the tree with the egg. 

The egg was starting to shake a little. Albert knew it was getting ready
to hatch and he had better hurry.  Quickly he tied the rope around the 
egg and took the other end of the rope and climbed to a branch above 
the nest and swung it over the branch.  He grabbed the end and as he 
went down the egg went up.  As he slowly was going down he passed the 
egg going up and saw a small beak poking its way out.  Albert finally 
reached the branch where the egg was and looked above.  The egg was a 
little above the nest and he slowly lowered it into the nest. 

The mother bird flew into the nest and looked down at Albert and
appeared to wink at him, as if to say thank you.  As Albert swung to 
another tree, he heard the sound of a healthy chirping baby bird. 


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