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The Last Song (standard:drama, 655 words)
Author: hvysmkerAdded: Dec 30 2004Views/Reads: 2478/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The End of a race and the end of the solar system.

“How did they ever dig up these instruments?”  Sharon's date exclaimed. 
He had just returned from the orchestra pit, where he was politely, but 
firmly, refused entrance.  “I'm a professor of Music and have studied 
it all my life, and I can't even identify half of them.” 

“Don't worry about it, Donald.”  Sharon was slightly peeved, “we're here
for a holiday, the last day on Earth, and you worry about ancient 
musical instruments.  Forget it, we don't have time to worry about 
anything like that.” 

Their table was almost lost among hundreds of others in a vast arena
built specially for the occasion.  Because of the circumstances it 
would never be used but the one time.  The occasion was the end of the 
Solar System.  Already the force had taken Neptune and Jupiter, both 
with brief flashes.  The sight had been amplified for their enjoyment. 

Traveling faster than the speed of light, the force headed for their
position near a long snuffed out Sol itself. 

“This next number was written by an old time composer, so long ago his
birth is lost in antiquity, but his name was Mozert, or something like 
that.  It was called a watz.  Enjoy.”  They could see the Disk Jockey 
pop a half inch disk in his machine.  Soft music flowed over the huge 

“What happened to the orchestra?”  Sharon asked, “you didn't, did you?” 

“Well, it's their fault.  They should have let me look.”  Donald gave
his sheepish reply, eyes downcast. 

“All that money for the event, and you ruin it already.”  She glared. 
“You promised me you'd wait.  I hope your friends are better at waiting 
than you are.” 

“I couldn't help it honey.  Maybe if the food and drinks had arrived on

“Wouldn't have made any difference.” She turned away, “wipe your bloody
mouth at least.” 

“Get ready, Ladies and Gentlemen.  Mars is next, only moments away.” 
The excited DJ turned up the volume on his Mozart rendition.  They 
could see through a huge plastic dome as Mars flashed out of existence. 
 A lone pair of cymbals clashed from the direction of the now defunct 

“At least you saved a tidbit for your friends.”  Sharon whispered,
“you're losing your touch, Donald Honey.”  A waiter finally brought 
them old fashioned hamburgers and french fries, along with fresh 

“Hurry up, Dear, we don't want to miss Earth.”  Donald salivated at the
thought, “it's when the main course begins.” 

“Our people were the first, Donald, long before humans,” She stared into
what was left of the Solar System, “and, by God, we're going out with a 
bang.” Sharon kept her head inverted, not wanting to show weakness in 
the form of tearing eyes.  She thought of all the centuries her people 
had hidden in plain sight of humans.  And how the final incurable 
disease had decimated their numbers.  The last of them were in this 
room, still mixed among unsuspecting humans. 

Soon after the time machine had shut down, Sharon had planted her
explosive charges amid the electronic coils.  There was no going back. 

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the end of our Planet, the glorious planet
Earth.”  The DJ cried out as a flash seemed to fill the huge enclosure. 

That flash was the signal.  Dozens of vampires, the last of a race, rose
and started eating.  Humans ran and tried to hide, but the predators 
found them, laughing and playing with their food; vampires feasted on 
soft flesh.  The end of Venus was hardly noted in the food fight of 
torn off and half eaten human limbs filling the air. 

Only the demise of Mercury, a few seconds away, stayed the crowd. 
Sharon and Donald stopped fighting over a human child at the flash.  
They dropped the remains and held hands, looking into each other's eyes 
as the force flashed over them.  A lone tear from Sharon's eye only 
made it half way to her cheek.


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