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Confusion (standard:Editorials, 660 words)
Author: AAAAAAAhhhhh check it outAdded: Jan 09 2005Views/Reads: 1935/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
It's how I felt when I wrote it.


Confusion is the human nature. No matter what we do, it cannot be
overcome. Too many people have different views of things, different 
opinions about them. If we argued about them, we would be arguing for 
eternity. Nothing is more useless than that. Why don’t we just let 
people have their own opinions without trying to force them into ours? 
Sometimes we don’t even force, we just kind of prod, like poking a 
bug with a stick to make it move. But the truth is, if they’re found 
somewhere, they believe in something, what are we doing taking it away 
from them. It’s their own ideas and beliefs and fault that they’re 
on the wrong path, if they are indeed. And if we try helping them, 
what’s the point? Many a time have I seen people be converted into a 
new religion, and all you’re doing to them when you do that is 
confuse them even more. We are all already confused, so why add more to 
someone else’s life to make you feel like you made a difference? They 
become completely lost and start at the beginning again once you put 
doubt into their minds about who they are. If you confuse them like 
that, their journey, already taken, to find out who they are and why 
they’re here has just gone to waste. They have to start again and 
wander the road like a baby, but this time, without anyone to take care 
of them. There is no follow-up that can take away that helpless feeling 
they feel when they’re on their way to growing up again. You can’t 
be their parent and devote all of your time to them and their well 
being as a new Christian, unless that is all you do in all your life. 
It’s like taking care of a growing child; you could never do it more 
than once in your life. So, the gist of it all is, you’re making 
their life more confusing, to add to the confusion already there, 
you’re making your own life harder, and you can only do it once. 
Plus, who’s to say that once they’re “grown up,” they won’t 
just get “recruited” by another of a different belief system. Their 
faith will have to be strong on their own, it’s not something you can 
teach, and you have already made it weaker from the beginning. Once you 
fool them into believing what you believe, then you take a bit of their 
faith with you, and a bit of their strength. From the beginning, you 
are taking them out of the safe womb of only believing one thing all 
their lives and showing them there are big, bad things out there, and 
different things than they are accustomed to. So once you have shown 
them that from the beginning of the process, they will know it forever. 
When you finally let them go, like a child graduating, they will know 
there are other things out there that could be possible. You have 
shaken them. The only way they will stay in the belief system you have 
set them into is if they are strong enough on their own to believe what 
you have essentially taught them. It’s all very confusing to you, 
what I’m saying now, but isn’t everything in life that way. As I 
have said, it’s the human nature. When someone tries to make sense of 
it all and tells it to someone else, it’s only confusing them more, 
because they don’t understand. We can only count on ourselves to be 
true. We can count on our own definition of life, and how it works, and 
nothing else. Don’t let anyone shake you; take you out of your womb. 
It’s where you belong, where you will strive most, its no adventure 
out here, on the outside. It may seem like it because you haven’t 
experienced it yet, but some things are better left inexperienced. 


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