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Ramblings of Love (standard:romance, 519 words)
Author: AAAAAAAhhhhh check it outAdded: Jan 09 2005Views/Reads: 2243/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
It's about love.

My breath stays still in the fog of the morn, hanging there until the
soft breath of another blows it away. My other. He sits beside me so 
gently, not wanting to disturb the silence we have created on this 
early break of day. Not even glancing my way as if he is afraid I will 
have vanished. He would rather believe I am here than know I am. But I 
am. And nothing could change it. My guilt may surround my heart, but he 
fills the inside of it. Every orifice of me is filled with the feeling 
I have for him. It’s as if I catch my breath and my heart stops and 
all the other analogies about love come true. But it’s more than 
that. It must be experienced to really be felt. You will never know 
what love is about, or how it feels, unless you feel it first-hand. You 
will never know how it works no matter what. Love isn’t something to 
study, to have knowledge of. You just have to have faith that it works 
by something good, and not by something evil. If it was started by 
something evil, I could understand, because once you’ve had it you 
are addicted, hooked. It’s the soft touch of another’s hand, when 
the world stops spinning just because you catch a stray glance of 
theirs. You are afraid to look at them because you know it will be hard 
to look away. You don’t want them to notice you’re looking, but you 
know they do. And you notice them too. It’s a symbiotic relationship, 
each depending on the other as the other depends on them. It’s even 
inexplicable, so I don’t know what urges me to go on in this vain 
effort to inform on the subject. It won’t do any good. But maybe if 
you knew my story, you would understand better. You would feel somewhat 
how I feel, because I don’t know if I regret it or not. I don’t 
know anything anymore. He controls my life, unknowingly, but I submit 
myself willingly. 

Freedom bound my heart as I started in on this wayward journey. Oxy
moron, no? Nothing could change the way it was then. My life was 
miserable, yet within myself I found liberty. I just walked away from 
it all. Like I didn’t care. I mean, I did care, I just didn’t want 
to. I wanted to go away and forget about all this drama. I was content 
with a simple life, one with no purpose at all but to be. My kindred 
were few, although I didn’t mind. I wasn’t into sharing my life 
with others and crying about it all the time. It was bad, that’s all 
there was to it, but I was not. I knew that, I knew that I would be 
told it was my fault, but I knew it wasn’t. Nothing else mattered. I 
was at ease and in terms with my life. All I needed was a quiet place 
and a book. But quiet places were hard to come upon where I existed. 


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