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The Third Hallway (standard:horror, 1217 words)
Author: Chris RussellAdded: Sep 15 2000Views/Reads: 3105/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
a reoccuring nightmare is always a terror, especially when it is a nightmare when somthing is chaseing you, but you have no idea what it is that is chaseing you....and when it finally catches up with you...


I was just a little child when the nightmares started. My name is
Jeremy, at the time I was only about 8 years old and in the second 
grade, I began to have these horrible and frightening reoccurring 
nightmares.  Everyone has these nightmares, it is the same old one 
where your being chased and it feels like your being push in the 
opposite direction as your trying to run away from what ever it is that 
is chasing you.  Weather it is a dog, a bully, or your own shadow it 
didnít matter, because you would always stay at the same pace and never 
get away.  It was different with me though, I didnít know what was 
chasing me, I didnít know if it was the monster in my closet or 
underneath my bed or just a stranger danger, it didnít matter because I 
didnít know what it was; and that is what really scared me. 

It was early spring, and late in the school year when I started really
having the nightmares, I was counting the days down until summer 
because every time I had the dream, the schoolís hallways terrified me, 
particularly a certain three.  The school day was fairly easy, I stayed 
in one classroom for most of the day and the only time I wasnít there I 
was either in gym or lunch.  After school I got on the bus to go home 
and half way home I remembered that I had left something there that I 
needed for the next day.  My mom later that night when she had free 
time brought me back to school, and this is when it all started.  As I 
went into the half lit school all I could hear was my own heartbeat, 
and me being at such a young age I was naturally a little afraid of the 
dark.  As I walked down the hallway I began to hear things that werenít 
really there but that wasnít the point, I still heard them and it still 
scared me.  I got the paper I needed and started back for the doors and 
out of no where the janitor comes out of one of the class rooms and 
scares the hack out of me, ďoh, sorry I frightened you little guyĒ he 
says, he had no idea.  I continued for the doors and as I headed for 
them I continued hearing the noises I had heard on my way in, getting 
more scared by the second I began to run for the doors and it felt like 
I had weights in my shoes.  I reached the door, turned around and took 
one last look that I shouldnít have down the hallway, and looked to the 
left of me down the second hallway, and I couldnít quiet see the third 
hallway because it was on an angle around the corner, but I knew it was 
there, just as I did later that night in my first of many nightmares.  
I returned home and went to bed early because I was tired and had 
school the next morning not knowing what I was in for why I shut my 

I started to fall asleep as soon as I got into bed, he only problem was
that the noises I heard in the school were still running through my 
head and I was still terrified to be alone in the dark.  But I soon 
fell asleep without even knowing, at first it wasnít bad, I was 
sleeping peacefully without a thought in my head, then I started to 
dream about school.  At first I was dreaming about talking with all my 
friends and sitting with the girl I had a crush on in lunch.  Then the 
dream took a turn for the worse all my friends were gone and the school 
got really dark and kinda cold, I found myself in the same hallway as 
when I went to get my paper, I was in the first hallway.  In my hands I 
had the paper for some reason I didnít understand, but I started to 
walk towards the doors, and then I stopped before the door the janitor 
jumped out of earlier that day, I waited, but he didnít appear.  I 
continued to walk past the door expecting to be scared by him still, 
and when I got about ten feet past the door I heard it slam and with a 
grin on my face I turned around and said ďdonít worry you didnít....Ē 
he wasnít there, nothing was.  I slowly started to walk towards the 
doors again, and once again it felt like I had weights in my shoes, or 
that someone or something was pushing me in the opposite direction.  I 
looked back behind me and saw it then, a big misty grayish black figure 
heading towards me at a slightly faster pace than me but it was surely 
coming at me.  I was terrified and I thought that I would go into 
shock, but instead like instinct I ran for the doors, I was trying my 
hardest to run as fast as I could but it was getting me pretty much 
nowhere.  What I thought took me hours, I finally reached the 
doors...they were locked.  I looked back over my shoulder and the 
figure was almost half way down the hall still coming at me, I looked 
to my left and darted down the second hallway.  On the left side of 
this hallway there was a principalís office and to the right was a line 
of windows, the office was locked and outside was filled with fog.  I 
continued down the hallway and I was almost half way when I looked back 
and I saw it turning the corner.  I could really tell that the thing, 
whatever it was, was catching me and I was running out of time.  There 
were chairs lined up against the side of the hall with the windows, I 
took the chairs and lined them up hoping that it would stall the 
figure, but instead without realizing it all I was doing was just 
stalling myself. I was about three-quarters down the hall at this point 
when the figure just passed right over the chairs.  The figure was 
extremely close to me now as I was reaching the corner and planning to 
turn down the third hallway and maybe make it to the cafeteria that was 
located down there.  As I got around the corner I could see it right 
behind me out of the corner of my eyes, but I also saw that the lights 
were on in the cafeteria and the doors were open.  This hallway was a 
short one but just my luck the doors were at the end of the hallway, I 
didnít even make half way when I could feel the coldness of this thing 
that has been following me, the coldness of this figure made me freeze, 
and as I slowly turned around to get a quick look at the figure then I 
closed my eyes and just screamed waiting for what it was going to do 
next, and as I continued to scream I opened my eyes and found myself 
sitting up in my own bed in my room dripping sweat. 


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