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Untitled As of Yet (standard:drama, 1091 words)
Author: AAAAAAAhhhhh check it outAdded: Jan 09 2005Views/Reads: 1954/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
It's about a someone who's new at a school and finds this other chick to bother.

I never thought it would turn out this way. I had never imagined that
this would happen. Nothing bad ever happened to me. A few of my 
grandparents and relatives of my parents had passed on, but never 
someone I knew well enough to feel completely ripped apart inside 
without. It all started out so innocently. It began with my move to 
Sacramento, California. I didn’t want to leave all of my friends to 
go to a place where I knew of no one that would comfort me. My parents 
would be too busy getting started at their new jobs  and adjusting to 
their new home to even notice that the same wasn’t happening for me. 
I never adjusted well to new places, but then again they had never 
noticed that before, so why should they begin to now, right? We 
didn’t even have a reason to move. My mother had convinced, nay, 
tricked, herself into thinking that this was an act of God, but I knew 
differently. I knew this was just another plot of hers because she had 
gotten bored of the town we had lived in for merely three years. We had 
never moved a lot when I was a small child, but we had started to when 
my mother decided that she got bored of staying in the same place. My 
father always agreed with her, only because he had no cares but to keep 
her as his wife. She was “the icing on the cake, the wings of the 
angel, the sun to go with the ocean,” to him. I thought it was 
romantic how he described her when I was but a child, but now I know 
it’s only because she turned out so beautiful and he, well, he 
didn’t. If he didn’t have her, he would have no chance with anyone 
else. It’s sad, really. Well, she decided that God was moving her to 
somewhere else because He had a plan for her there, but He never did. 
We just kept moving, with a fresh start in mind, and when we got there, 
it never happened for her. But even with my trouble adjusting to new 
places, she gave me just enough time to make friends and fit in until 
she got up and went again, leaving us to clean the dust she left 
behind. It seemed like she never even adjusted to our new towns and 
environments because somewhere in that flighty head of hers she already 
had the next move planned out. Anyways, on my first day of school 
there, I made no new friends and no one even came up to talk to me. 
There were just too many people in the school, so even if one person 
had wanted to talk to me, they probably figured someone else had 
already gotten to me and they moved on. It was like this for the first 
couple of months until someone noticed I wasn’t fitting in with 
anyone yet, and it wasn’t who I would’ve expected it to be. She 
came up to me while I was at lunch. It was as if no one else had even 
noticed that I would be sitting there at their table. They would sit 
around me and next to me and look at me, but then I would realize that 
they were looking through me really, looking at someone else on the 
other side of me and giving them a weird look, not me. Or maybe it was 
me, I just got fooled by the way they all seemed to look through me 
instead of at me. Either way, it wasn’t flattering. Anyhow, She came 
strolling up like she owned the place and bumped into me as I walked to 
the “reject table.” She didn’t look back or even say sorry as she 
strolled away again, swaying her hips to some hidden rhythm. I learned 
later that this was her way of saying hello. The next day, she came 
again, once again swaying past me as if a figment of my imagination, 
but this time she glanced at me. She had cruel eyes, like they had seen 
to much and she was sick to her stomach just thinking of it all. But 
there was something else behind the rough exterior and then that sick 
look. She had innocence, as if all she had seen had overwhelmed her and 
she didn’t deserve any of it and still wasn’t accustomed to it. My 
stomach churned just trying to comprehend all that her eyes had told me 
about her. No one else even seemed to notice it, they all adored her 
and gawked about her new clothes and how they all looked forward to 
seeing her Homecoming dress. Not one of her friends knew what she was 
going through, and I had found out without even having talked to her. I 
had sympathy for her, and decided that I would attempt to reach out to 
her tomorrow. Little did I know, that she wasn’t open to much of 
anything from people outside her clique. Although I had a bad feeling 
about it for some reason, the next day I got in her way while she was 
on her way to class. At first, she tried to get around me in 
frustration, but then she realized with shock that I was actually 
attempting to block her path for a reason. 

“What do you want?” she remarked in a snotty tone. “I gotta get to

“Umm, well…” I hadn’t expected this at all. I figured it would
come naturally to me, that I would know exactly what to say when I was 
there, and that we would have more time. I guess I just thought she 
would like break down crying or something and reveal herself to me, 
without even knowing me. There were some people in the school who had 
known her their whole lives and hadn’t even noticed that odd sense 
around her and her mysterious eyes. “Well, I was just wondering if 
you knew where room 245 was. I’m new here.” That was all I could 
think of to say after all my hopes had disappeared about our touching 
conversation. I knew now that if I even wanted to try, it would take 
more than just one conversation. 

“You can find your own damn class, I have my own to get to before the
bell rings.” she retorted as she strolled away once again. I was 
getting rather used to seeing the back of her head. 


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