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Dreams (standard:poetry, 341 words)
Author: kissofthehungryAdded: Jan 16 2005Views/Reads: 2205/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A poem about a dream of a hunt that leaves the dreamer shaking with dread and disgust.

The moonlight, soft and silver, innocent Sheds her grace upon the quiet
glen Where I lay in wait, my face a mask No twitch in my body, or beat 
of my heart Hunting for days, finally close to the end Each blade of a 
grass stunning in the night Obstructing my vision as I lay stiff as can 
be It doesn't know I'm here, but soon it will An owl hoots somewhere 
within the forest behind me As he too hunts his prey, his eyes 
searching the ground The owl and I are one and the same Hungry for 
blood and the end of a life That's when I see it rise from the water 
hole Droplets of liquid clinging to it's flesh Reflecting like diamonds 
in the moonlight Thick blonde hair hanging soaked down it's back Bare 
breasts quivering the chilled night air It's innocence so vulgar to me, 
how naive a child it is Blue eyes roaming the blades of green grass 
Skimming over me, it doesn't see me Then it steps out of the water hole 
and reaches for clothes Quickly pulling them on and shivering in 
something more than chill Fear, perhaps? It knows I am here, but where 
it cannot figure It's time for the attack With a quiet growl in the 
back of my throat I rise like a ghost out of the vegetation My body 
moving like a blur, my instints taking over reason It's shrill cry 
breaks the silence of the night Frightening the hunters into hiding I 
sink my teeth into it's neck, tasting the warm, copper flow Though... I 
wake up and am in bed, the image still in my head Seeing the vision of 
me the huntress Pouncing on me the victim. Wonder what it means, even 
as I taste blood in my mouth From where my tooth cut my lip Adrenaline 
from the hunt still pumping through my flesh Settle back down, I tell 
myself and slip back into sleep Where I'm sure I will continue my 
forbidden feast.


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