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The Tale of Tog Flemm (standard:drama, 307 words)
Author: PhoenixAdded: Feb 07 2005Views/Reads: 2253/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Not your typical drama...

Opening. [a small drink on the outskirts of the Namiv province Keneby] 

[a tall, slender man sitting at a table is met by a short, stoutish man
with a paper in his hand] 

Vladen.  Well met Sacron, what has my scout found for me this time. 

Sacron.  You shan't like what I have dug up this meeting but you will be
much happier that you should see it now sooner than later. [he lays a 
document on the table, looking around to assure no one is looking back] 

Vladen.  It is only a notice of the clergy.  Are you now delving in the
Church's matters, Sacron? 

Sacron.  It is definitely more than a notice of the clergy, my lord. 
This could become a notice of your downfall. [Vladen turns the notice 
around to read and quickly overturns it] 

Vladen.  Where did this come from?  Why would she do this? 

Sacron.  That is what I asked.  She knew that you were wed already in
this province, didn't she? 

Vladen.  Yes, I told her many times.  Why would she come all the way
from Grinwood when she knew that I already had a wife in Keneby?  Is 
she trying to have me lose everything?  [the face of Vladen, the 
Arbiter, has now turned grim] 

Sacron.  I don't believe so, my lord.  She would have already come
forward.  But it wasn't by whim that she came here.  And the fact 
continues that she is here and you are now in dual provincial marriage 
and if anyone finds out with the voice and mind to, you'll be stripped 
of everything but your skin. 

Vladen.  And even if she left, the record would still show that I was
married in Kenneby twice at the same time.  All we can do now is to 
keep this terrible mistake a secret... 

[End first scene]


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