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brown eyes (standard:romance, 439 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Mar 01 2005Views/Reads: 2231/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
lovers meeting at a station and the lady has premonitions about meeting him before she does

as i wake suddenly i look up to the clock.  my eyes adjust and as they
focus i can see its 4:15am and as usual for the last two weeks have 
just woken up from the same dream.  As i try to remove the sheet wraped 
around me i can feel me hand sweating and so is my whole body. 

As i walk out to the patio of my house i can just see the sun come up i
know that one day i would love to spend my life in that sunrise as i 
had always fantasised as a little kid.  my eyes are weary and my body 
is aching for one more hours sleep but i cant.  getting up early has 
been something that i had gotten in the routine of before i can 
remember. my father would get me out of bed and sit me on his lap and 
both watch the sunrise and it would amaze me every time. 

As my thoughts turn back to my dream.  the man i see in my dreams are
mysterious.  the only thing that i have to go on is the smell of his 
purfume.I can smell him and i know what he feels like, i long to be 
held in his arms. 

As the sun just gets to the horizon i hear the phone ringing, as i
answer the phone i am greeted by my friend emma in tears.  she tells me 
how she had an accident in her car and she wouldnt be able to make it 
to take me to work. 

Im running now just so i can catch the train to work.  the station
smells like it always does there are so many people you cant move 
properly but i make my way through to the front where i am greeted by 
the familiar smell that i smell every morning.  That same smell that i 
have longed to smell for the past two weeks. 

As i get the courage to turn around a man in his early 30's walks past
and i see that he is the most handsome guy that i have ever seen.  he 
is the ONE!!!! 

As i take a seat two rows behind him i see that he is reading a book
called how to be sucessful with................. and with that the 
lights turn off the train comes to a quick hault and i am left 
wondering what he reads for his lesuire. 

twenty minutes has flown past and the lights suddenly turn on but i cant
see him anywhere.  he has disappeared out of my life FOREVER INTO THE 


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