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Ethril Guard (standard:fantasy, 3431 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Apr 10 2005Views/Reads: 1894/1118Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
What happens when you move to an evil house, when you start having weird dreams, when you find out your not like the rest of your family.

Ethril Guard 

T here is a house in Kingdom Hearts which no one will visit, which no
kids will pass and which no one will go to. This strange house has a 
strong curse on it, a curse that cannot be lifted. All of the 
unfortunate buyers of this house have died a most gruesome and painful 
death.  The people tried to burn and destroy this house but it resisted 
all forms of destruction so they buried the house and all of its 

The real-estate agent drives up to the old house passing the old black
gates, and old grey stone that surrounds the house. As he drives up the 
long and winding drive way he, disturbs the quite peace that was once 
there He steps out of his car and walks to the old grand door that must 
stand at least 5 m high and also a charred spot just beneath were he 
stood. He feels as though the house is watching him, judging him 
waiting for him to enter the clutches of its claws. Come on Steve 
you've got to do this the buyers will be here soon and they wont buy an 
old rundown house. The house watches as he starts to clean the rooms, 
cleaning up the old rubble through the mansion which were once 
priceless items of attraction. He cleans the huge stairs that lead 
upwards towards the 5th floor which is the only way to the attic . He 
reaches the attic and hears a strange noise from the attic door, as he 
walks towards the attic door a sound downstairs made him shift his 
attention from the attic door to the pile of rubble on the floor which 
he had not yet finished cleaning up. The house remains quiet waiting 
for the new family to move in, almost as if the house was willing it. 

The attic door has never been opened since the owners left this house.
The people believed that the one who opens the attic doors will let 
loose a curse on the earth. The people believe that the attic door is a 
doorway to another dimension, a dimension full of witches and warlocks 
a dimension without happiness only pain but no one knows for sure. 
There was one man who tried to open the door but when he came out of 
the house his body was like an empty shell devoid of all life. 

He slowly cleans each room of this mansion. He admires the work of the
builders, the attention to detail, the stone carving in what must have 
been the foyer was huge it stood at least 7.5 m high which made him 
wounder how they got the statue in there but he didn't have time to 
ponder. The sounds of the gates creaking as they opened and the sound 
of a car driving up the winding driveway alerted him that the buyers 
were here. When he leaves the house he hears kids screaming, two 
parents jump out of the BMW and shake his hand “Good Day Steve, my 
name's John and this is my wife Belle and my two kids Jake and Sarah” 
“Pleased to meet you John the house is nearly yours. We just have to 
sign a few papers and you should be able to move right in.” A few hours 
later as he waves good bye to the Brooks family as he gets back into 
his car and drives down to the gates. He sees an old golden sign 
attached to the stone wall over grown by green ivy and thorns that 
reads “He who enters this house shall be for ever cursed, until the 
curse is lifted, all shall perish.” 

No one knows who used to live here but the stories say that everyone who
has lived in this house has perished a painful and gruesome death. 
People say that a family of witches and warlocks used to live there, 
some people even say they can see a strange figure in the 5th Storey 
Bedroom. They even say they can still hear screams of anguish and pain 
late at night. One man attempted to exact revenge on the powerful 
warlock that lived there. The only thing that was left was a charred 
spot on the ground outside the front door. 

Steve laughs and drives out leaving the new family to set up and move
into there new house. The Stevenson family slowly move their boxers 
into what seems like a mansion. The Kids, Jake and Sarah, quickly run 
up and down the stairs saying which will be their room. As John and 
Belle unpack boxes from the BMW to the front room of this massive 
house, they here a screeching noise, and a loud crash. As the whole 
family run out to see what it was, they see a huge car crash. It seems 
that the real-estate agents brakes had failed, judging by the mangled 
stat it was in. Everyone was in a frenzy running down the long street 
passed the cars to see if the man was alright but it was doubtful. All 
that remained of a fine car was know a cube, a 1 by 2m cube. Minutes 
later the ambulance arrived and started to cut the man out of the 
mangled car. A few hours later he was taken to the emergency ward in 

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