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Cast The First Stone (standard:drama, 6855 words)
Author: BigDog59Added: Apr 26 2005Views/Reads: 2231/1418Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
See how a man's life can change when the truth finally comes out.


I stood looking down at Simoine's smooth brown skinned back, as I pushed
thru the last remaining buttons on my shirt. She was so lovely lying on 
her stomach propped up by her elbows, and her head turned slightly so 
she could look up at me. Her eyes were grass green, and her long black 
hair was ruffled, showing the effects of our previous activities. She 
lay naked with the satin sheet covering only the lower half of her 
shapely body. 

She whispered in a patronizing tone, “I guess I'll see you tonight”. I
nodded and said “I told you this was it...I'm going to tell her as soon 
as I get home.” 

You see Simoine was my lover and my best friend. 

My name is Martin Ross and I work at a loan office as a recoupement
officer. When someone defaults on their loan I'm the one who has the 
responsibility of seeking payment by any means legally under the law. 

Simone knew my wife vaguely, but she claimed she knew more about her
than I did. I had been married for 9 years, and we had been lovers for 
the last 2. 

My wife Thelma and I had met one night at a movie. She had been stood up
by a blind date, and I was just killing time until the movie started. I 
went to the movies not knowing what I wanted to see, but I wanted to go 
before the 9:00 show. I figured that was when all the people with dates 
came in and I wanted to be long gone before they came. I hated the 
stare that people gave you when you were seen dateless at the movies. 
Nothing was said but you knew what they were thinking,”You must be so 
bad off you couldn't get a date, even for the movies”, and they were 
almost right. 

I must have looked lonesome and naïve, because Thelma came right up to
me and asked if I was with someone. I don't think she would have done 
that with a guy who was sure of himself, or too confident in his 

After explaining that I was alone we agreed to see the movie together. I
think she didn't want to face the 9:00 crowd without a date any more 
than I did. 

Somehow we made the best out of the situation and found ourselves
enjoying each other's company. The movie was a thriller, and certain 
scenes had Thelma squeezing my hand so tightly I thought the blood 
circulation would stop. After the movie as we were walking out I played 
my gentleman's card and ask if I could walk her to her car. She agreed 
and flashed that devilish smile that I came to love later on. 

When we arrived at her car I realized that we had been holding each
other close like the couples that were on dates. I felt guilty as 
sexual thoughts flooded my mind, but I with held any resemblance of the 
perverted devil that was within me, and masqueraded as the proverbial 
gentleman I thought I should be. When she stopped abruptly at her car, 
I didn't gauge my momentum correctly and my body slightly forced her 
against her car as she turned to face me. 

I stood looking in her big brown eyes that were so sensual and deep, and
her full, cherry lips than beckon to be kissed, as we stood frozen in 
time each one of us wondering where this was headed. I let my hand come 
up ever so slowly and slightly tickled the nape of her neck. As I did 
she leaned her head back and closed her eyes, moaning as if we were 
making love right there in the parking lot. I couldn't resist any 
longer, I licked my lips to moisten the dryness and then I kissed her 
as passionate as I have ever kissed anyone. 

The whole incident took about 15 seconds, but time stood still and it
seemed like thirty minutes must have passed. 

After that kiss I knew we would be lovers, you see a kiss, always tells
the future. That is why no two people ever kiss the same, or the same 

After several dates and endless days filled with hours of lovemaking we

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