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The Highest Tower (standard:Ghost stories, 8563 words)
Author: kissofthehungryAdded: May 09 2005Views/Reads: 2570/1691Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
When a wealthy family moves into a home where a young boy committed suicide, they unknowingly set in motion a series of events that will claim the lives of some and devastate others.

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With a gesture of his head, he urged her to walk with him and nodded,
“Yeah, I'm hired as what is commonly known as a gardener. Not that 
there's much to garden right now, but there will be, mark my words” His 
smile and laugh were infectious and she had to return it. 

“Oh you too, I've been hired as what is commonly known as a librarian.
They don't seem to think too much of our intelligence do they?” it was 
an honest assumption, since that was how they were apparently hiring 

“No, oh well. So you're a librarian, hmm, always had a thing for books.
Seems l might have to pay you a visit in that place commonly known as a 
library. Can you imagine the money it takes to not only have your own 
employee but to hire enough employees that there's little place to 
park?” she shook her head, and he continued, “Neither can I, but here 
we are, about to work in that much money. Are you a live on employee as 

“Yes, otherwise I'd be spending all my money on gas. This is certainly
in the middle of nowhere,” she gestured to the cactuses that stood tall 
and proud among the land. 

“Ain't that the truth,” at that moment, they walked in the house and
found themselves in a line of people ranging from their ages of late 
teens to people who were in their late fifties. Her mouth dropped open, 
the cars had seemed like a lot but seeing the occupants was just 
amazing. The De Jacques were reveling in money to be hiring this many 
people just for the care of their house and more than likely, they were 
all live on employees as well. That much money would be nice. 

Trent looked down from the third story at the huge line of people on the
first floor, his father had not wasted any time making sure that they 
were well cared for. Then his eyes landed on her and he couldn't take 
his eyes off her. She wasn't stunning or gorgeous, but there was 
something so alive about her that she shone like a star. She had wavy 
dark brown hair caught up in a ponytail at the base of her neck and a 
smile that kept flashing at the young man with her. Jealousy flared at 
the young man, even though it shouldn't have. It wasn't like he had 
anything going on with her, in fact, he had Marie but he couldn't deny 
that he wouldn't mind getting to know her. 

“So Trent, my boy, what do you think? This the life or what,” his father
clapped his hand down on his shoulder, surveying their new employees 
with barely suppressed arrogance. The line shifted forward and the girl 
laughed, a hearty sound that could not be drowned out by the dull 
chatter of the other employees. A stray strand of hair fell across her 
face and she unconsciously raised a hand and swiped it away. How he 
wished he could see her eyes but she was too far away from him for him 
to even begin to try. 

“This is the life,” he replied to his father, never once taking his eyes
from the young woman. His dad grunted in agreement or appreciation and 
walked away, leaving Trent to admire the smiling beauty. The young man 
with her said something and she burst into another fit of laughter. 
There was something about the way he looked at her that made Trent want 
to go down and punch him. It was the same way he was looking at her, 
but she was looking back at the man and not at Trent. To distract 
himself, he decided to go call Marie. 

The phone rang and impatiently, he twirled the cord around his finger.
Why wasn't she picking up, didn't she know it was him? He disentangled 
the cord from his finger and began to pace for as long as it would 
allow him. 

Finally, her fluttery, high pitched voice answered, “Hello?” 

“Marie, oh I miss you so much,” he blurted, trying to eradicate the
mysterious girl from his mind. Instead he focused on the image of 
Marie, with her platinum blonde hair that hung straight to her waist 
and bright blue eyes that were so beautiful. He thought of the way she 
moaned softly in her throat when he made out with her and the way she 
carried herself with a definite sway of her thin hips. Then the full 
smile of the brunette shot into his mind and blocked Marie. 

She was quiet for a moment, then added, “Oh, I miss you too.” There was
something about the way she said it that made the hairs on his neck 
raise. It was almost cold and indifferent. 

“Is something wrong?” he asked, closing his eyes and picturing running
his hands through the brunette's hair as he leaned in to kiss her. 
Furious with himself for already thinking of being disloyal, he 
squeezed his lids shut even tighter and tried to think instead of the 
many hours he had spent with Marie. 

“Oh, it's really nothing,” she squeaked out in her high voice, but he
knew better. 

Giving a heavy sigh, he inquired, “Marie, what is it?” 

“Well, it's this long distance thing, I just don't know if it's gonna
work,” she blurted and he felt as if someone had slapped him in the 
face. Had she really just said that? 

“What do you mean? I haven't been gone that long and you're already
having doubts? What's going on? There's more to this than you're 
telling me,” he felt as if someone had hit him in the gut and now Marie 
had his full attention. 

“Well, it didn't start out as much but it just happened. I don't know
how but it did, you've got to understand. I didn't do it on purpose,” 
she was wining, and he noticed how annoying her voice was when she was 
wining. In fact, her voice was annoying no matter what, how could he 
have found it sexy. 

“Marie! Get on with it, what did you not do on purpose?” he rubbed his
head with one hand, he hated mind games. Couldn't she just get to the 
point? Tell him what she had done or hadn't done, why she was telling 
him the long distance thing wouldn't work? 

“I met this boy, he was so nice, it just turned into something more. I
was going to tell you but I,” she was near tears but this news was more 
shocking than he had expected. What did she mean, there was another 

“I've been gone for five days, how could you have already met someone
else?” he was breathing hard, gripping the phone tighter than he should 
have been, his head was killing him. 

“That's just it, I didn't meet him in the last few days. I didn't meet
him recently at all,” a cold feeling had settled in the pit of his 
stomach. He thought back upon his relationship and realized that she 
had been colder the last few months, she'd been so indifferent when he 
hugged or kissed her. In fact, she hadn't initiated touch at all 
anymore, it had been him, and only him. How could he have been so 

“How long?” he asked, gritting his teeth to keep from screaming at her. 

“I don't know, at least for a couple of months. I was going to tell you
when I felt the time was right,” her voice was now tiny and small as if 
she finally felt some regret over her actions. Though from her 
attitude, he somehow doubted it. 

“You didn't have the courage to tell me? You let me think everything was
okay while you played around with some other boy? How could you? Marie, 
you were right, this long distance thing won't work. Apparently, we've 
only had close distance between us. Go blow your other boyfriend and 
don't bother calling me again,” he spat and hung up the phone, feeling 
a delicious satisfaction over telling her off. Then sadness swept 
through him, he had really cared for her, even if she hadn't him. 

As they approached the little desk set up for receiving the new
employees, Jada turned to the young man and said, “Well, before we're 
sent off to our separate “jobs”, I think we'd better get each other's 
names as we'll be seeing each other around. I'm Jada, Jada White.” 

“I'm Mark Stevens, and you will be seeing me around. I wasn't kidding
when I said that I'd be visiting the library, I'm very into books,” the 
way he said it let her know that it wasn't the books he was into. 
Butterflies burst into her stomach and goose bumps rippled across her 
flesh. She couldn't look him in the eye as her cheeks flamed with her 

“I'll be looking forward to those visits,” then she turned to the
assistant at the desk, it finally being her turn. 

“Your name?” the woman was smartly dressed in a provocative suit that
was also professional, asked in a voice that said she'd been doing this 
all day and was going to do it for the rest of the day, so no playing 

“Oh, Jada White, I was hired as the librarian,” she smiled and the woman
eyed her over her pink rimmed glasses. 

“One of the librarians,” the tone she used said Jada was a fool for
thinking she was the librarian, “Here's your package of the rules of 
the house, outline of your job, the benefits, and a key to your room. 
Please make sure that you have read it all and are familiar with the 
information, Mr. De Jacque may at any time inquire into it and if you 
are found unknowledgable, may choose to terminate your employment. He 
also reserves the right to terminate your employment at any given time 
for any reason with two weeks forewarning. By signing your employment 
contract, you are giving up the right to sue Mr. De Jacque due to any 
reason of termination. If you have any questions, Mrs. Rowley, the head 
librarian is there for assistance. May you enjoy your term of 
employment here at the De Jacque Manor.” Jada stepped aside and looked 
at the thick packet in her hands. Wow, they were serious about work 
here, but then again, live in employees probably difficult to legally 
take care of. 

Mark was at her side before she realized he had finished and he laughed,
“They want the grounds green like they once were. I've got my work cut 
out for me. Though no feat is impossible for Super Mark to care of.” 
She eyed him with a smile that said she was plainly amused and then 
dangled her key in front of him. 

“I guess I've got to go to my housing building and check in,” she
grinned then added, “I feel like I'm starting college rather than a 
job. Now, I'm off to my dorm room to check in with the dorm master and 
no boys in the room after ten at night.” 

“Guess I'll have to sneak in then,” he grinned and she opened her mouth
in mock shock. 

“I don't think so, I'm a good girl and abide by the rules. Shame on
you,” though secretly, in her mind, she was inviting him over just for 
an evening chat. If that's what one called it. Then they parted ways 
and she walked back out to where there were two three story buildings 
that looked like dorm houses. Her humor over the “no boys” faded when 
she saw that the two houses were for males and females, and the rule 
probably did apply. 

When she strode in, there was another desk where a squat woman with
slightly purple tinted gray hair and neon pink lipstick sat. When she 
looked at Jada, she noticed that only one eye actually looked in her 
direction, her right eye seemed to be starting at something off to the 

“Welcome to the De Jacques home for female employees, you will be
allowed one hour from check in point to settle in then you are expected 
to begin the job for which you have been hired for,” her voice sounded 
as if it were being pinched through a helium balloon and Jada nodded 
her head understandingly then a thought occurred to her. 

“Do you know where the library is?” she wanted to know, suddenly aware
that she had no idea where it was in the house and might get lost 
trying to find it. 

The squat woman gestured to the packet in her hands, “There is a map in
there of the entire house and surrounding grounds. Should you lose 
that, there is a map in the hall of the first floor of this house. And 
should that not be good enough, the hands inside the house will be able 
to direct you. Now, to sign in, I just need your name and time on the 
sheet here and you're welcome to be on your way,” the woman pushed a 
clipboard towards her and she signed kind of hesitantly. The entire 
process was being handled with a professionalism that made her head 
hurt but she understood why they were doing it that way. As far as she 
could tell, there were hundreds of employees living here at the De 
Jacques and what other way could they do the processing except as 
extremely professional and cold? 

Her room was 217, on the second flood and when she opened it, she was
pleasantly surprised. It was basically a one roomed apartment, complete 
with bed, kitchen area, bathroom, closet and a little living area. The 
living area had a couch, an entertainment center, and a desk with a 
computer on it. She was impressed, they made sure that their employees 
lived with modern comforts. After settling in, she made her way to the 
library in the grand house and couldn't help but open her mouth in 
complete awe. 

The library was massive, rising the three stories of the house. There
were thousands of empty shelves but an equal number of boxes of books 
waiting to be loaded on to their shelves. There were about seven women 
and men that she could see doing so and she knew that for the first 
week, her job would involve nothing but unloading. 

A tall and slightly heavier set woman with a warm face and a beaming
smile walked up to her and asked, “Who are you?” 

“I'm Jada White,” she replied, feeling that by the end of the day, her
name would be an automated response to all questions. 

“Okay Miss White, are you a regular or a temporary?” she wanted to know
and she looked at her like she was a nut. A regular or a temporary? 
What in the world did that mean? 

Unsure of what to say, she announced, “Honestly, I'm not sure. I was
hired as a live in librarian, and please, call me Jada. Miss White 
sounds so strange.” 

“The other regular than, good. Well Jada, I'm Mrs. Rowley, though when
we're not in any of the De Jacques' presences, you may call me Mrs. R. 
I'll send you to work near Joey, the other regular. You two should 
become fast friends since we all have to work together, but you should, 
Joey's very sweet,” for a moment, she searched the library than pointed 
to the second floor to a young woman on a ladder, putting a couple 
books on the shelf, “Do you see that blonde up there?” 

Jada looked and only saw the blonde woman, “I only see a woman, is that
who you're talking about?” 

“Yes, that's Joey, sweet creature. You two should get along fine.
Anyway, that's where you should be heading next. If we keep at this, 
with any luck, we'll be done by the end of the week. Then it's up to 
the three of us to keep this library ship shape.” The three story 
library was suddenly much more intimidating, a lot more than she had 
signed up for. Though with two other librarians, she should be able to 
handle it. 

“Wow, it's um, big,” she grinned and Mrs. R. laughed. Jada had an
instant liking to the robust woman and was thankful for that since the 
previous two women had grated on her nerves. 

“Big? Oh my child, that's an understatement, it's massive, enormous,
bigger than any house I've ever lived in, and above all, as a 
librarian, it's scary. Don't worry though, our job is basically to 
retrieve any books requested, log what ones have been taken and by 
whom, and return them to their proper placing. We don't even have to 
clean the place.” Well, they didn't expect a lot out of them, did they? 
When she had worked at her local library, they had demanded much more 
of her. She could handle this job, no problem, especially for the pay 
and benefits. 

When she walked over to Joey, she was again pleased, she was going to
get along fine with her. Joey had a spunky personality and was kind of 
ornery, and she was only nineteen, a year older than Jada. To make 
things even better, her room was next to Jada's so they could go over 
and talk, hang out, and do other things that friends would do. 

After a week of doing nothing but alphabetically organizing and logging
books, they did indeed complete the library. The temporary help got 
paid and left, probably to never again be seen, but that didn't matter 
to Jada. Mrs. R. and Joey were the only two she'd gotten chummy with. 
The week had passed and she had seen no sign of Mark, which was kind of 
a disappointment. Every time she caught someone coming through the 
doors, she hoped it would be him but it never was. 

Joey was fairly observant and one day asked her after another
disappointing door opening and closing, “Who are you watching for?” 

“Pardon me?” she pretended that she had no idea what she was talking
about. There was no way she was admitting to watching desperately for a 
gardener who probably had forgotten her name. Though she knew he was 
probably busy trying to turn the desert grounds into greens, she was 
also aware that she had not spent enough time with Mark to make him 
remember her when there were much prettier young ladies sauntering 

“Oh don't even play at ignorant. I know you know exactly what I am
talking about. Who are you watching for? If I know, I can keep my eyes 
open for you too,” she smiled sweetly and enticingly, making Jada sigh 
heavily. She knew that Joey would keep at it until she knew who she was 
watching for and maybe she had a point. Perhaps, while Jada was in the 
back, she might have missed Mark but if Joey were watching for him, 
that wouldn't be a problem. Fine, the worse she could do was tease her. 

“Fine, you've twisted my arm. I'm watching for a gardener named Mark
Stevens, very cute. He said he'd come visit me but I haven't seen him, 
and I don't know, maybe I'm just being silly but I thought he was 
actually interested,” she didn't mean to sound so whiny but she was a 
bit disappointed. 

“Oh a gardener,” Joey laughed and added, “I'll keep my eyes open. Lots
of handsome young studs around here so don't get too bummed out about 
just one. There's plenty of them to get to know, if you know what I 
mean.” Jada shook her head in amusement, she knew exactly what she 
meant. Mr. De Jacque had been very thorough in his search for 
employees, they were all single, even Mrs. R. who was a widow. He 
wanted the living conditions of sex separation to not cause any 
arguments, so he had made sure that no one had families who would 
object. In doing so, he had accidentally created an atmosphere of 
massive sexual tension as everyone knew everyone was single and didn't 
mind looking. 

Joey went on putting up books and Jada made her way to the third floor.
She began placing the horror books in their places when a definite 
chill swept over her. There was the distinct feeling that somebody or 
something was watching her. Carefully, she looked all around her but 
could spot nobody. 

Leaning over the balcony, she called down to Mrs. R., “Has anybody else
came in recently?” Mrs. R. shook her head and Jada cocked her eyebrow 
in confusion. There was no doubt she felt somebody else up here with 
her but if no one else had came in and she could hear Joey on the 
second floor, then who was it? 

“Hello?” she called out but the only reply she got was from Joey

“Talking to yourself, aye? Don't you know that's taken as the first sign
of insanity?” she teased and Jada laughed back down, but it sounded 
hollow and forced to her. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw 
movement, but when she looked directly, there was nothing there. A 
nervous giggle escaped her, she was in the horror section, she was 
scaring herself. There was nobody there, just her imagination. Taking a 
deep breath and forcing a smile that hurt her cheeks, she continued 
putting up the books trying to ignore the way the hairs on her neck 
stood up. 

Trent finished asking around the kitchen staff to see if the brunette
worked there. He had decided that if Marie was over him several months 
ago, then he was moving on as well. Now he hoped that he would find the 
girl that had intrigued him so much though he was afraid that he 
wouldn't because she might have been only one of the temporary hands. 
There was no way he was asking his father because she was a servant and 
he would want to know why Trent was looking for her. He could say that 
he was looking for someone for his bedroom cause his parents were of 
the opinion that hired help was good for sleeping with but that was it 
relationship-wise. However, there was something wrong with that idea 
and he couldn't bring himself to do it. 

Heaving a heavy sigh of irritation, he headed towards the library. It
was one of his last tries, he was running out of ideas. He hadn't yet 
been in the library and when he stepped in, he had to admit, he was 
impressed. It was even more grand and immense than the last one, and 
the librarian sitting at the desk made him think of someone he would 
like. The little nameplate said Mrs. Rowley, and when he walked in, she 
offered a large smile that said he was more than welcome. 

“I'm looking for a girl about eighteen or so with wavy brown hair, I
don't know her name but I've really got to speak with her,” he wished 
that he could give a more accurate description but so far, that was all 
he had to go on. 

“I don't know if she's the one you're looking for but there's Jada,
she's on the third floor in the horror section, putting some books up. 
Hope that helps you out,” she smiled and pointed towards the beautiful 
marble stairs in the center of the library. He nodded his appreciation 
and continued on his mission, his heart pounded furiously in his chest. 
Unfortunately, he was aware of the chance that more than likely it was 
not the girl he was looking for, but he still couldn't help the 
exhilaration that it was. 

Once on the second floor, he noticed a sexy blonde eyeing him from
around a book shelf. Her gaze was inviting and for a moment, the 
thought flickered across his mind, then the glowing smile of the 
brunette beat it determinedly out of his thoughts. He was on a mission 
and would not be detoured by a promise of sex. On the third floor, he 
could hear her putting up books and his breath caught in his throat. 
What if it was her, what would he say? He hadn't thought things along 
this far but he had came too far to back down. 

Then he came upon her and he nearly dropped dead of shock, it was her,
it was actually her. She was so busy with her task that she wasn't 
aware of him and when he spoke, she jumped and dropped the books she 
was holding, “Hello, looks like you're a busy bee.” Immediately, he 
kicked himself, what a stupid line. How was he supposed to come up with 
something romantic from that? 

“Ah, it's work, what you gonna do?” she smiled as she began picking up
the fallen literature and he felt his heart melt, he would do anything 
for that smile. 

“Well, you could always take a break, unless you're too busy to do so,”
he offered, priding himself on that turn around. Now, how would she 
respond? Would she tell him that she was too busy or would she throw 
her books down, and fall with a heavy sigh into his arms? 

“I'd like to but the De Jacque's rule book was pretty firm about not
taking breaks except for when I was supposed to,” she shrugged her 
shoulders helplessly and he wasn't sure if she was kindly letting him 
down or if she was genuine. So, he decided to try again. 

“Well,” he grinned, “As a De Jacque, I'm sure we can bend the rules just
this once.” Her mouth opened and some of the humor left her eyes. 
Obviously, flirting was okay as long as it was with the staff but to do 
so with the money was trouble. He knew it but he didn't care, he'd 
fallen for her smile harder than anything else in his life. Thus, he 
wasn't about to give up just because she was hired help. 

“Um, well then, I guess I can take a break. I'm not in trouble for
anything am I?” her voice had a slight quaver in it and he realized he 
had misinterpreted her fearful gaze. She thought she was in trouble. 
Damn it, he hated being wealthy sometimes. If he were just like anybody 
else, he could woe her with none of these concerns. 

Giving a scoff of surprise, he responded, “No, I can't for the life of
me imagine anything you would be in trouble for. I just like your smile 
and thought I'd get to know the woman behind it.” Her expression 
softened and he knew he had saved face. 

“Well then, I have no problem taking a break. It's about time I took one
anyway. Putting up books is tedious work, I tell you,” she chuckled and 
began to walk down the stairs with him. The blonde looked around but 
saw him with Jada and disappointedly continued with her work. 

At that moment, Mark walked into the library, finally having a moment
from his job to pay her a visit. Ever since they had flirted in the 
line, he couldn't get her out of his mind. There was something very 
attractive about her personality and she was cute in a very innocent 
way. Then he saw her and any thoughts of asking her out were dashed. 
She was walking down the stairs with the De Jacque son, and he knew 
better than to mess with him. Quickly he ducked behind a bookshelf, 
afraid of her spotting him. When he heard her laugh at something Trent 
said, he felt as if his heart were going to break. He might have taken 
a bigger liking in her than he wanted to admit. 

They walked by, not even noticing him, and he stepped out after he heard
the door shut. Then a warm voice asked, “May I help you?” Startled, he 
looked over to see Mrs. Rowley smiling up at him and he quickly shook 
his head. Trying not to trip over his feet in his haste to get out of 
the library, he made his way for the door. 

Then another voice called out, “I'd be willing to help you find whatever
it is that you need.” The voice was suggestive and he spun around to 
see a pretty blonde grinning at him from the second floor. Shrugging 
his shoulders and dismissing Jada as out of bounds, he smiled back and 
began the stroll up the stairs. Why the hell not? It wasn't like she 
was going to care. 

“My father really chose the most remote location that he could, didn't
he?” Trent laughed and Jada nodded in agreement. There was no doubt 
about it, and he couldn't have chosen a remote place in lush greens or 
mountain area. No, he had chosen in the middle of a god forsaken 
desert, but who was she to complain? After all he did pay her quite a 
bit of money and provided her with a home too. No, she wasn't one to 
complain about the place at all. 

A mousy woman, with strands of brown hair sticking out in every
direction from her bun, came running up to them and breathlessly asked, 
“Have you seen Gloria Handsel, she's one of the cook's assistants? 
She's gone missing and Cook Sharm is going crazy.” Jada shook her head 
no, she hadn't even really dealt with any of the cooks or their 
assistants, so she would not have a clue. 

“Perhaps she quit? Or perhaps my father had her fired? Otherwise than
that, I don't know. I know she's not with my father since he's on his 
business trip. If she doesn't show up by the time he comes back in a 
couple of weeks, then we'll ask him. I'm sure that he'll know,” Trent 
replied and the little mouse woman nodded, her buck teeth barely hidden 
behind quivering lips. Jada half expected her to wiggle her nose in 
agreement but she didn't as she turned and headed back in the direction 
of the kitchen. 

“Why would she be with your father if he were here?” she wanted to know,
curious as to what that statement implied. 

“My parents are of the firm belief that as long as we pay their salary,
it is okay to sleep with them, and it's not even considered cheating. I 
don't know how that works, but apparently it does in their little 
world. Surprised me when I walked in on my mother and our original pool 
man the first time. It took a lot of explaining and reassuring for them 
to get that message to make sense to me. At least enough sense that I 
won't call them on it,” he sighed and added, “It doesn't matter if I 
call them on it. They don't care.” Jada realized then the real reason 
why Mr. De Jacque had made sure they were all single. It wasn't because 
he wanted them to be free for the living situation, he wanted to make 
sure they would be willing to put out, or at least have the possibility 
for it. Her respect for him went even farther down than it already was. 

“And you really don't agree with them? You believe in loyalty and
fidelity, sleeping around with anybody else is cheating no matter 
what?” she pushed, unsure of why she had to know but she did. 

“Afraid to get involved without first making sure I'll be loyal to you?”
he grinned and she glared defiantly at him. 

“No, for your information,” she spat, bristling because she felt it was
true, “I was just curious.” 

“Oh,” he looked crestfallen then brightly announced, “I was hoping you
were interested in getting involved, even though I am a De Jacque. I 
really am a good guy, I'd have you ask my last girlfriend but I was 
kind of rude to her when I found out she was dating somebody else and 
had been for the last few months of our relationship. But I swear, you 
can trust me and I'll treat you like a queen.” 

His eagerness made her laugh though she was curious about something
else, “When did you find this out about your girlfriend?” 

Again, he looked downcast and she knew that she had hit a nerve,
“Actually, a week ago. I called her to let her know we had moved in and 
she told me about it then. I couldn't believe it, I mean, here I was 
thinking that I had a great relationship and that I really cared for 
her, only to find out that she'd been cheating on me. Really gave me a 
different perspective on life.” 

“Ah, so basically, if we were to get “involved”, I'd be your rebound
girl,” she deducted and he looked shocked. 

“No, no, no. Honestly, I was interested in you before I broke up with
Marie. That's why I originally called her, to try and distract myself 
from you cause I refuse to be like my parents in relationships. I 
promise you that you're not a rebound, and I've been searching for you 
since the day that I saw you. From the first day you were here, waiting 
in the line with some guy for the check in. Please, believe me,” he 
implored and she could see it in his hazel eyes, that he was telling 
the truth. 

“First off, that guy was Mark and secondly, I don't know that I should
get involved with you. I mean, you are the son of my boss. Seems to me 
that there's some rule about dating the boss's son. Couldn't that give 
him grounds for firing me?” it was an honest question. This job was way 
too cushy and beneficial to loose over a cute Romeo. 

Quickly, he declared, “Oh we could never tell my father. No way. That
would be very bad.” 

“Uh huh, so you plan on dating me and not telling your father? Now, why
should that attract me in any way? You want to date me behind closed 
doors, pretend I don't exist to keep up a good face for your old man. 
You didn't really expect that to win me over, did you?” she was more 
offended than she expected to be, but it was really rude of him. 

“No, it's not like that. If my father knew that I was interested in one
of our hired hands for something more than sex, he would forbid any 
contact. I don't want you for just sex, I'd like to actually get to 
know you. To, as I put it, be involved. Do you understand?” he begged 
with his entire being for her to understand and she did, in a way. 

However, it still bothered her, “I don't know. I've never been in a
relationship where I had to hide it from the parents, which brings up 
another question. How old are you that you're still worried about his 

“I'm seventeen, but I'm mature for my age,” he threw out, hoping that
she wouldn't dismiss him on account of his age. 

“Right, that's what they all say,” she laughed and then shrugged, “I
don't think this would work. You're underage, the son of my boss, and 
on the rebound. How do I know that if something did happen between the 
two of us that if we broke up, you wouldn't go to your dad and get me 

“I'm not like that, I promise you. Please, just give me a chance,” he
had never tried this hard to woe over a girl. It was frustrating. 
Generally, if he had been interested and asked, the girl would 
practically swoon, like Marie. Then again, looking back at Marie, he 
was glad that Jada was being more difficult. Maybe that would mean a 
more fulfilling relationship and not one that ended quite like it had 
with his previous lover. 

“I don't know, still seems awfully risky,” but she wasn't resisting so
hard anymore. She had to admit that he did have her intrigued, and he 
may have been underage but he was only a year or less younger than her. 
That she could deal with. Yet she still had her doubts and what about 
Mark? He had really interested her but still, he hadn't been to visit 
her yet. Maybe he had forgotten all about her and still thinking about 
him was foolish on her part. Why then, shouldn't she go for it? 

“Please,” he began but she interrupted him with a smile. 

“Well, let's just say, I might be willing to give it a try,” she
announced and his face lit up. Despite her hesitance, she had to admit 
he was fairly cute and had a sweet personality, even if he was a bit 
spoiled. Maybe this was the Mr. Right that she had been looking for? 

“Great,” he blurted then tried to recover, “I mean, that's cool. I'm
sure you won't regret this. Uh, want to go for a tour?” he offered, not 
knowing what to do now because it wasn't like there was anywhere to 
take her on a date. 

“Sure, why not?” she grinned and he offered his arm, which she took.
What was she doing? This was silly and foolish on her part but there 
was something so adorable about him, she couldn't resist. It was almost 
a guarantee that she was going to get in trouble for this one. Oh well, 
hopefully it would play out to her still holding her job. 

Mark left Joey recovering in the romance section on the second floor,
not sure what to think of himself. He almost felt dirty for what he had 
done, as if he had cheated on Jada, but that was silly. Jada and him 
were not an item, most definitely not. In fact, it looked as if her and 
the little rich boy were. Joey was very nice and a lot of fun, but she 
wasn't what he was looking for. How he wished that he could do 
something about her and Trent, but unless they were just talking, he 
was pretty helpless on the situation. Maybe he would settle for Joey 
for the time being, she was cute and corky, and a lot of fun in the 
deepest corners of the library. Yet it still felt wrong. 

As he strode out of the library, a young man wearing clothes very
similar to his walked up to him, “Hi, my name's Ryan. My mum's one of 
the little cleaning ladies around here and she wanted to know if the 
library is in dire need of a cleaning? Do you know?” Mark shook his 
head and started to go around the boy but he blocked him as if he were 
eager to talk more. 

“I wouldn't have a clue, I work out in the gardens,” he replied, feeling
self conscious about the way his shirt was tucked in half hazardly. 
Right now, all he wanted to do was escape to the comforts of his 
grounds where he knew what he was doing and was comfortable doing it. 

“Oh, well, do you mind if I walk back with you? I don't really feel like
going back to my mum yet. It's kind of boring around here if you don't 
have any friends,” Ryan grinned sheepishly and ran a hand through his 
spiked blonde hair. 

Mark eyed him, being disturbingly reminded of Joey by the boy's blonde
hair, but he did feel kind of bad for him. He was right, there was 
nothing for a kid to do around here, so he exclaimed, “Yeah, sure you 
can come with me. But I warn you, it's not much fun out in the gardens 
if you don't like getting dirty.” With that, he gestured to the dirt 
all over his white t-shirt and blue jeans. The boy grinned and shrugged 
his shoulders. 

“I don't mind. Dirt just ain't that big of a deal. By the way, you never
told me your name. I did tell you that I was Ryan, right?” he 
questioned as they continued on their way to the outdoors. 

“Yeah, you did. I'm Mark,” he announced, already having decided that if
he was going to tag along, he was going to work. He had holes that 
needed dug, trees that needed planting, and oh so much more that he 
could use an extra set of hands with. The other gardeners were busy 
with their plots so who was he to deny himself a little extra help? He 
had the feeling that Ryan would be more than willing to comply, 
desperate to hang out with someone other than his cleaning mum. 

The tour was simply blowing her out of the water, she'd had no idea that
the house was so big. It seemed unreal, and as if to verify that, they 
strolled into what was clearly a ballroom in need of a bit of cleaning 
and repair. 

“Oh my god,” she breathed as she gazed around, “This isn't a house, it's
a flipping castle. I can't believe you really have your own ballroom, a 
three story library, an indoor pool and jacuzzi, it's incredible. A bit 
overwhelming, but still incredible” Her mind was spinning over all of 
the fascinating rooms she had viewed. Many of them had been busy with 
workmen who were repainting and repairing the rooms. This room was 
strangely quiet, the two of them being the only ones in the hauntingly 
silent room. 

“Trust me, I know. Want to dance?” he inquired, his hazel eyes lighting
up at the prospect as he gazed upon her. For one of the many times it 
had already occurred, she blushed, for his gaze was intense and made 
her feel beautiful, sexy and wanted. 

“Dance? There's no music and I can't dance. You don't want to dance with
me cause you're going to have bruised toes by the time we're done,” she 
protested, giggling at the silliness of the idea and at the truth she 

“I don't care, I want to dance, bruised toes and no music. Come on. It's
not often you get a ballroom all to yourself and in a day or two, the 
workmen are going to attack here too,” he grabbed her by her hands and 
pulled her to him, making her breath catch in her throat. It was hard 
not to get carried away when he held her so close that she could feel 
his heart beat against her chest. As if knowing being held close was a 
weakness for her, he wrapped his arms around her and put his cheek 
against the side of her head. Gently, he began to sway, humming a soft 
song that she couldn't place but was comforted by nonetheless. 

“Trent, I don't think we should be dancing. I just, I,” she mumbled but
he tilted her head to look at him and her words tangled in her throat. 
Holding her gaze, he bent his head down and caught her lips with his. 
She closed her eyes, enjoying the taste and warmth of his mouth, 
unconsciously running her hand through his dark brown hair. When she 
pulled away, she felt as if her head were spinning and her stomach was 
dancing still. 

“That wasn't so bad, was it?” he asked, cupping her cheek in his hand.
Once more, she was trapped in his eyes and she couldn't speak. So, she 
slowly shook her head, savoring the feel of his hand against her flesh. 
What was it about this boy that had her so entranced? He bent to kiss 
her again but she dodged it, afraid to let somebody affect her so. This 
wasn't supposed to happen, she was supposed to be levelheaded and down 
to earth. His face looked so wounded at her evasion that she almost 
kissed him just to make up for it. 

Instead, she exclaimed a bit too loud and excited, “Let's see what else
there is to see. This house is huge, I'm sure we've only explored a 
small section.” It sounded like a cheap excuse, even to her, and she 
wondered how he would take it. 

He just shrugged his shoulders and led her out a door into the slowly
beginning to green gardens outside. Pointing to the highest tower, he 
announced, “Do you know that they have not found the entrance to the 
tower yet? They've found the other tower doors and according to it's 
location, it should be somewhere near the library. Yet, it still 
remains a discovery to be made.” 

“Really?” she squinted her eyes against the sunlight glaring from behind
the tower. For a moment, she thought she saw the fearful face of a 
young woman standing in the window, then she blinked and the image was 

“Yeah, want to know something else?” she nodded and he continued,
“Twenty years ago, another rich family owned this house. They moved 
after their eldest son, who was seventeen like me, threw himself out of 
that very tower. He killed himself because his father forbade him from 
dating a servant's daughter. Don't worry, I won't let my father drive 
me to suicide.” 

“What a horrible way to go. What did his family do?” she wanted to know,
trying to dismiss the image of the young woman from her mind. It had to 
be her imagination, because if it were a spirit, it apparently would 
have been that of a teenage boy not girl. 

“Well, they moved away. It was too much grief and I would assume too
many memories. Plus, the father had to have felt guilty. I mean, he did 
drive his oldest boy to kill himself. Anyway, ever since, the entrance 
to that tower has been hidden. I'm sure they'll find it cleaning or 
something. They have too, stuff like that just can't stay hidden,” he 
explained, also staring at the tower then he turned to the grounds, 
“Let's see how everything's growing. Something should be, even if it 
were only planted already grown. And some of those stupid cactuses 
should be gone too, if not most of them.” Grinning in agreement, she 
turned around and began walking with him but her mind was elsewhere. 
The feeling that someone had been in the library with her was now 
reinstated by the fact the entrance to a tower where a boy had killed 
himself was somewhere near there. What if it were his spirit that she 
had felt watching her? Chills again swept her body. 


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