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The Highest Tower (standard:Ghost stories, 8563 words)
Author: kissofthehungryAdded: May 09 2005Views/Reads: 2734/1821Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
When a wealthy family moves into a home where a young boy committed suicide, they unknowingly set in motion a series of events that will claim the lives of some and devastate others.

In the highest tower, Lurks a monster in human form Revenge and lust,
one and same Desire to kill, It's one condemning grace. 

The young man stood in the highest tower of the elegant home, his eyes
studying the greens of the land below. Anger and hatred surged through 
his system, he despised everything and everyone, especially his family. 
He'd fallen in love with the beautiful daughter of one of their cooks, 
but not only had his father forbidden him from courting her but she had 
told him outright that she would never engage such a man as he because 
of his money. Life was not fair, it was all his father's fault. If he'd 
only been less rich and less of a pompous ass, he might have had the 
love of his life, now he had nothing. With another surge of rage that 
was so intense, he saw double, he threw himself out of the window. When 
he hit the ground, revenge and spite were all that ran his thoughts. 

The house needed repairs but Trent couldn't argue it was beautiful. It
was a three story old Victorian mansion with a couple towers that made 
it four and five stories tall. The grounds around it had once been 
green and plush but due to neglect and the drying environment, they 
were little more than matching desert with their surroundings. It was a 
sprawling house in the middle of the desert and canyons, it was 
impressive but strangely foreboding. 

“Father, you said something terrible happened here twenty years ago that
caused the family to just pick up and leave. What did happen?” he knew 
he'd be imagining ghosts no matter what, so he may as well know the 

“Their oldest son, he was seventeen just like you, killed himself by
jumping out of the highest tower. It was too much for the old man so he 
moved his family away. Apparently, he killed himself cause his father 
forbade him from marrying one of the servant's daughters. Don't you get 
any ideas from either event,” he warned and Trent laughed. He had no 
intention of killing himself or falling in love with a servant. His 
girlfriend, Marie, was back in Boston, and she was the daughter of a 
wealthy business owner. There was no concern of her being a servant 

“Oh that's terrible,” his mother sighed, raising a glittering hand
covered in large jewel rings to her pouty mouth, she continued in her 
soft spoken drawl, “That poor boy and that family. But it is a gorgeous 
house, even if it's circumstances that made it up for sale were less 
than romantic.” Trent smiled and looked back up at the house, for a 
moment, he thought he saw a movement up at the tallest tower's window 
then it was gone and he was sure he imagined it. 

Jada had been hired by the De Jacques' family to come work in their
library, as they put it, an employee commonly known as a librarian. 
Wow, that took a lot of brainwork. They were arrogant and full of their 
money, but they gave her a home with paid expenses and excellent pay. 
If all she had to do was take care of the library and deal with their 
snobbish attitudes, she could do it. 

The road was desolate and weaved around rock outcroppings and canyons
and through vast expanses of desert. It would have been a very pretty 
drive if she liked that kind of landscape but she was more into the 
greens and trees of her hometown. However, the money was what drew her 
out not the landscape. Normally, this would have been an empty road but 
Mr. De Jacque had been busy hiring servants and now there was a large 
train of cars. At least she knew she was on the right way. 

When she arrived, there was a large dirt plot just full of cars. After
weaving through a few aisles of no parking, she finally found a spot. 
She stepped out at the same time as a handsome young man stepped out of 
his car. He wore a white t-shirt and a pair of decently tight blue 
jeans with black boots. His hair was a soft, dusty brunette blonde 
shade and when he looked up, his blue eyes glittered with humor and 

“A bit packed, isn't it?” he smiled and she couldn't help but notice the
way his lips curved over straight teeth. 

“Just a tad, you hired by the De Jacques' too?” it was an obvious answer
but she just didn't want to end the conversation yet. 

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