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On the Edge (standard:horror, 1645 words)
Author: kissofthehungryAdded: May 26 2005Views/Reads: 2357/1549Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Standing on the edge of the dancing, pulsing mass of young adults, Dee never felt more alone. Little did she know the dark underworld was about to seduce her.

Standing on the edge of the dancing, pulsing mass of young adults, Dee
had never felt more alone.  Her twin sister, Cayla, had insisted she 
come along even though she never enjoyed clubbing. Now, here she was, 
pressed shyly against a lonely wall while her sister moved as one with 
the strangers of the dance floor. 

Several men and women had approached her and asked her to dance, but she
couldn't manage to turn her legs of lead into anything usable.  Giving 
a heavy sigh, she absently twirled a strand of light brown hair aronud 
her pointer finger.  Maybe Cayla would get bored and would be willing 
to leave soon, not that it seemed likely. 

At that moment, Cayla, shiny with sweat and exhileration, popped up at
her side, panting, "Come on Dee, get into the groove."  Her glittery 
halter top clung stubbornly to her tight stomach, making her even more 
jealous. Cayla was everything that she wanted to be, when people met 
them, they never believed they were twins. 

"I don't know why I let you drag me to this, I hate clubs and crowds and
all of this.  How much longer are you gonna be?" she griped, mentally 
cursing the pretty blonde. 

"Ah come on, you'd have a lot more fun if you were out there dancing
with me instead of hugging this wall.  I bet plenty of people have hit 
on you and you'd told them to go away," Cayla chugged thirstily at a 
water bottle, a trail dribbling out of the right corner of her mouth. 

She squirmed uncomfortably and mumbled, "I didn't exactly tell them to
go away, I just didn't feel like dancing." 

"Uh huh, when are you gonna lighten up and have some fun?  Quit being a
damn stick in the mud, Dee.  I'm going back out there, you should join 
me but we both you won't.  You'll be old and boring, sitting here like 
an old spinster and whining about how you never have any fun," she 
laughed and was gone back into the crowd before Dee could defend 
herself.  It was true, and she hated Cayla for being able to nail her 
with her teasing statement. 

An hour passed, and Cayla never reappeared from the never ceasing to
move mass of flesh. Dee checked her watch nervously, noticing the 
nearly empty bottle of water had a light purple lip print on the rim.  
Where was her sister?  Her stomach was tying into knots, something felt 
wrong.  Absently, she moved the bottle so that she could look at the 
ring of water beneath it on the shiny black surface of the table.  
Where was Cayla? 

A young man who looked as if he were barely past fifthteen walked up and
asked her if he could buy her a drink.  Without hardly taking a breath, 
she dismissed him with an excuse that her date was getting her one, the 
entire time eyeing the dancers.  There were hundreds of blondes in the 
crowd, most of the bottle kind, but not once did she see her sister. 

After another half hour had passed, a cold chill had descended upon her
body, she knew without a doubt that something was very wrong.  
Abandoning her post that she had clung to for several hours, she dove 
headfirst into the crowd, cringing as sweaty bodies pressed up against 
her.  Her vision seemed to be spinning, she felt clausterphobic and 
couldn't breathe. 

Frightened, she began to scream, "Cayla? Cayla?"  The heavy beat of the
music drowned her voice out but she knew, even if she could be heard, 
Cayla would not answer.  Panicking, she began to push people out of her 
way only to get knocked down.  Trying to avoid being stepped upon, she 
managed to get to her feet. 

Knowing that she wasn't going to find her twin like she trying to, she
fought her way back out off the dance floor.  Dismissing the urge to 
throw up, she found a payphone and called the police.  Then, she went 
outside into the cool night air that felt so crisp and refreshing 
against her burning skin. 

The dispatcher arrived quick enough, without blue and red lights
flashing as she expected.  The cop was young, seemed straight out of 
the academy, and he began to saunter towards the club, openly eyeing 
the young women with cleavage up to their chin. 

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