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God Quits, Says You Can All Go To Hell! (standard:other, 1413 words)
Author: SherylAdded: Jan 21 2001Views/Reads: 2399/1224Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I'd be lying if I told you that a part of me doesn't wish I could take back the words I uttered but a few hours ago. I'm sorry I rushed from the pulpit and hid in my office, but the shock and betrayal on your faces was more than I could take. It was a cow

I'd be lying if I told you that a part of me doesn't wish I could take
back the words I uttered but a few hours ago. I'm sorry I rushed from 
the pulpit and hid in my office, but the shock and betrayal on your 
faces was more than I could take. It was a cowardly thing to do. Every 
Sunday for the past 23 years I have given you a message of hope, and 
encouraged you to serve the Lord. And you did--- sometimes. 

Part of me would like to blame you, for being so willing to follow the
latest so-called 'Messenger from God'. True, it was ME who encouraged 
you to worship our God above, and do good deeds like good little 
Christians. I portrayed God as our Father; someone we should honor and 
obey. Afterall, God knew what was best for us, right? 

In this hierarchy, I was Father Junior. I expected you to look to ME for
'the answers'. Because I thought you were little children, who needed 
constant guidance; largely ignorant of spiritual matters. You couldn't 
help yourselves because you were SO EVIL. Your flesh and desires an 

I told you God was perfect and you were imperfect. There was only two
ways to act; either good or bad; and most of the time when you thought 
God and I weren't looking, you were bad. BUT, I reminded you, God 
forgives. Such a nice God to forgive such BAD, BAD children. You 
couldn't help yourselves. The world was cloaked in darkness and that 
stealer of souls, Satan, was the one who MADE you do it. My answer to 
you was, "Run from him! Curse him! He's the Antichrist!" 

How could you be so foolish to listen to such drivel? Did you really
believe there was a villain loose on the Earth who MADE you do wicked 
things? Did it ever occur to you to question this model of the 
universe? WHY would this supposedly supreme being, God, allow this 
trouble-maker Lucifer to run amok and confuse his little children? 

Many of you are parents. Is that the way you would raise your children?
Yet, it is how God is portrayed. The master manipulator who keeps 
setting his children up. 

Why would God send us down into the fog, pit us in battle and then allow
us to fry because we didn't make the grade? If we won the race, we'd 
get the prize. Yet, the race wasn't played on even ground. Some people 
had certain advantages. Their life was easier. Of course, we had an 
answer for that one too. God is testing you. God is punishing you. God 
likes your suffering. God wants you to prove yourself. 

To put it quite bluntly, that would be a very small God. 

Do you want to know why I really told you God quit his job? Because it
was time. Time for you to grow up. There is no Santa Claus, Easter 
Bunny or God. 

So WHO the hell IS God? Is it Mabel Schlessinger, who loves to gossip
behind other's backs and then deny it when found out? Is it Roger 
Darringer, who is having an affair with his step-daughter? Is it kindly 
Miss Tripple, who crochets booties and bakes pies for every church 
bazaar? I say to you, YES! God is ALL of those people. God is not 
lazing about, listening to angelic harps and masterminding the 

Do parents encourage dependency until it reaches a point of
helplessness? We have given all our power as great spirits to this 
invisible force called God. And in doing so have dis-empowered 
ourselves. Now we can blame everything on God and the wretched demon, 
Satan. It's not our fault! We don't have to grow up. We don't have to 
be more than mere, flawed human beings. If God's in charge and can't 
keep his house in order, then it's his fault. It's been like a game of 
hot-potato with nobody willing to be 'it'. 

I say it's high time we let God retire. 

You will, no doubt, paint me as the bad guy. Poor Pastor Matthew has
lost his mind. How dare he empower us and remind us that we are the 
ALL. How dare he rip our pathetic mouths from the tit of God. How dare 
this man call himself a man of God. He is blasphemous and God will 
punish him in a pit of eternal fire. But I tell you... you can pray all 
you want for me. Pray until you're blue in the face and I will not 

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