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Bloody Scars (standard:poetry, 305 words)
Author: kissofthehungryAdded: May 27 2005Views/Reads: 2186/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Poem about my regrets of my past.

Sometimes the cuts I made in my flesh 

So many years ago in my past 

Seem to reopen and flow with my blood 

Reminders of what I should have let go 

So much anger and hatred lived in me 

Hate for me and my family 

I despised who I was 

And what I thought I was to become 

What future did I have 

In the nothing that I was? 

I sliced away to feel alive 

And leech the anger that lived inside. 

I hid the wounds with smiles and lies 

Pretending that my anger had died 

It seems so long ago 

That life I lived 

Where hurting myself was a regular event 

That brougth a brief calm to my chaos within 

I thought I would never come up for air 

Just slowly drown in the madness I'd created 

Yet darkness can never fully thrive 

In eternity even when it feels as if it shall 

Light will blossom in every corner 

If only we should give it a chance 

When death evaded me 

Though I offered it my hand 

I realized life was better than I'd seen 

That I could escape the family that oppressed 

And the life that made me hate me 

Once I saw this, I knew it was true 

And clung to my lifeboat for all that I could. 

Now, I still have my scars on my body 

Scars that mark the life I wish I could forget 

To all of you who share in my once nasty obsession 

Realize this, those scars are there forever 

They never fade, and never really heal 

But are painful reminders of the hate that you felt 

Do not let that hate burn inside 

Find the light that will make you thrive 

Spare your flesh the wicked marks 

When you will never be able to forget them.


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