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On the Edge 2 (standard:poetry, 817 words)
Author: kissofthehungryAdded: May 27 2005Views/Reads: 2232/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Dee begins to investigate the disappearance of her sister and finds that Cayla may not have died after all.

The club was different during the day, cold and lifeless, no longer the
heartbeat of the surrounding land.  Dee was even less comfortable there 
than she had been the night before.  Bright coloured fliers lay 
trampled on the pavement, forlorn reminders of the fun that had taken 
place not too long ago.  The neon sign that had gawdly announced "The 
Midnight Light" was now a bland looking bunch of tubes with no promises 
of excitement.  There were a few cars in the parking lot, but it was no 
longer jammed with bumper to bumper vehicles, eager to get their 
occupants onto the dancefloor.  She definitly liked it less during the 
day, and she hadn't thought that possible. 

Cautiously, she crept around to the back alley, afraid fo what she might
find.  Perhaps the body of her sister, or worse, no body but a dried 
pool of darkened blood.  However, she was greeted by neither, just an 
empty back alley that had used condoms littering the ground as if the 
trash bin wasn't a couple feet away.  Turning away in disgust, relief, 
and disappointment, she wondered what she should do next.  She knew for 
sure something had happened to Cayla back there, but how did she begin 
to find out. 

Loathing to go back inside the club but knowing that it may be her only
lead, she walked silently back to the front of the building and walked 
past the open sign into the now cool interior.  It was nowhere near as 
bad inside as it was outside, in fact, she almost felt comfortable.  
There were a couple people dining at a few tables, the chaos of last 
night hidden by the cleaning crew. 

Noting how the waitress barely spoke with her customers, Dee decided it
would be better to try the bartended, who looked as if he had a couple 
of years of practice underneath his belt.  Feeling as if all eyes were 
on her, she attempted a casual saunter over to the glistening bar with 
it's rows of butt worn bar stools. 

"I don't know who to speak to but I thought I'd first try you," she
blurted before allowing him a chance to speak.  He cocked his eyebrow 
at her but didn't interrupt, "My sister disappeared here last night.  I 
want to know if this has happened before, if people have gone missing 
in the back alley, perhaps?" 

A shadow flickered over his face then it was gone and he somberly
replied, "Don't know miss, I only work during the days.  There's a 
reason I have day shift."  Quickly he turned his back upon her, 
polishing martini glasses but she would not be deteored so easily. 

"Really, and what is that?" she inquired, knowing in her heart that this
man knew something. 

His shoulders stiffened and she could practically see the steam pooling
out of his ears, then he replied, "My wife works the day shift as well, 
want to have the nights to spend with her." 

"Don't lie to me, please.  I need to know what goes on so I can stop it
from happening to other people's family members," she begged softly, 
wondering what she could say to persuade him. 

Those seemed to be the magic words for he turned and in a low voice,
announced, "You can't stop them, no one can.  Give up on your sister, 
leave this place and never come back.  In fact, leave your home as soon 
as you can, if you ever hear from your sister, don't tell her where you 
are.  Don't let her know anything about you. Trust me, it's better that 

"I can't do that," she was appalled, that wasn't what she had expected,
"She's my twin sister!  And what do you mean, if I hear from her?  Is 
she alive?  She can't be alive, not from the dream I had last night.  
Tell me what you know ir I'm going to the cops." 

His face bleached of colour and she almost felt bad for threatening him,
"Don't do that.   If they find out I've talked about them... Look, all 
I can say is avoid this place like a deadly plague, especially at 
night.  They're strongest at night but you're not gonna trust me, are 
you?  You're gonna have to come back and find out what took her from 
you personally.  You'll regret that mistake."  Determined not to 
release anymore info to her, he turned his back to her and walked 
through the employees only door.  Her heart was pounding like a 
thunderstorm in her ears.  Was her sister alive?  If so, why hadn't she 
came home or told her what was going on?  And why'd she have that 
horrible dream last night if nothing had happened to her?  Why was the 
bartender so scared?  So many questions, so few answers, yet she knew 
one thing for sure, she was coming back tonight. 


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