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On the Edge 3 (standard:horror, 826 words)
Author: kissofthehungryAdded: May 27 2005Views/Reads: 2321/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Dee braves the club at night and is faced with Cayla, not dead, as she believed but something's not right.

When Dee arrived at the club, once more it was throbbing with the heavy
beat of music and life.    Hordes of laughing young men and women, 
dressed exotically, made their way to the line where everyone tried to 
flirt their way in sooner than they would have just waiting.  Mentally, 
she kicked herself for forgetting about the line last night, her and 
Cayla had waited two hours before they had been allowed in.  Giving a 
heavy sigh, she slid into the line, behind a man who's smoke wafted to 
her, making her gag.  Without fail, she was always behind the 
inconsiderate smoker, it was no wonder nonsmokers tried to get it 

"You're pretty brave," a husky voice whispered by her ear, making her
nearly jump out of her skin.  Turning, she found herself face to 
cleavage of the tall redhead that had been with the cop the night 

Attempting to recover from her chest shock, she responded, "Brave? 

"Coming here all by yourself, most everyone comes with someone," she
replied, her soft gray eyes looking at Dee as if she were a piece of 
meat.  It wasn't often that she met girls that were into girls, but 
when she did, they made her very uncomfortable. 

"Oh, so, why are you here alone than?" she asked, and the redhead
laughed, a hand with two inch bright blue nails with sparkling 
diamonds, covered her mouth. 

"Me?  Alone?  I'm meeting friends," then that hand was rubbing her neck
above her cleavage, touching a glittering necklace that sparkled with 
gawdy quality.  Dee turned to face the smoking man and his ornate date 
in order to avoid further conversation.  The redhead made her very 
uncomfortable and she didn't need it on top of her missing twin.   The 
woman took the hint and didn't speak to her again, but she could feel 
her eyes boring into the back of her the entire time. 

When she finally made it inside, a headache immediately began to throb
behind her eyes.  The music, the lights, the crowd, it was all too much 
for her, but she had to try.  When she began to make her way towards 
the bar, she suddenly felt as if someone were watching her.  Looking 
over her shoulder at the dance floor, the sensation that someone had 
hit her in the stomach came very strong.  Cayla was standing there, in 
her silver halter top and black skirt, a teasing smile on her lips.  
Then she stepped back into the crowd, disappearing among the forever 
moving dancers. 

She abandoned her plan of talking to the bartender and dove into the
crowd, needing to find Cayla.  If she were alive, then what was going 

"Having fun yet?" her sister's voice whispered next to her and she
turned to see Cayla's naturally blonde hair receding from her again. 

"Cayla! Cayla!" she screamed, frantic to end this game.  What was going
on?  The music was so loud she was unable to hear her own voice yet 
somehow she knew that Cayla heard her and chose to ignore her. 

Pushing her way through the limbs, she attempted to follow her twin when
she heard from behind her, "Poor little Dee, bit off more than you 
could chew." This time, as she spun around, a thought occurred to her.  
How was she able to hear Cayla's voice when she couldn't even hear her 
own screams over the music?  A cold pit of fear settled into her belly, 
Cayla was not who she thought she was.  Her twin had died last night, 
of that she was sure. 

Suddenly the redhead was next to her and she grinned, "You're cuter than
your sister.  Maybe we picked the wrong one."  Dee retreated and bumped 
into a male dancer with a mini glow stick in his mouth.   When she 
turned to apologize, he grinned suggestively at her but she shuddered 
and turned back to face the redhead, but she was gone.  Panic surged 
through her system, she had to get out of here, far far away. 

Somehow she managed to get off the dance floor and she cast a look over
her shoulder, Cayla was standing in the crowd, watching her with a wide 
grin, like a shark.  Dee turned and fled for the exit, the cold air 
hitting her like a slap in the face.  Desperately, she gulped in huge 
lungfuls, trying to calm her nerves but she had adrenaline making her 
knees shaky and her vision blurry.  Afraid to be out in the open, 
unprotected, she clambered into her car and sat there, trying to sort 
out her thoughts. 

Why was she acting like such a coward?  It wasn't as if either of the
women had been threatening towards her, and it was her sister in there 
for god's sake.  Having collected herself back together, she decided 
she was again going in, this time she wouldn't flee but would find out 
what was going on.


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