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I Never Forgot The Sound It Made (standard:Inspirational stories, 613 words)
Author: saradominAdded: May 30 2005Views/Reads: 1913/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A young boy ponders what his birthday gift should be when he hears the most wondrous sound he has ever heard, and now he knows.

I never forgot the sound it made. It was on my birthday that I heard
this wondrous sound.  My tenth birthday as I recall.  The smell of 
excitement woke me with a jolt of joy. “My birthday is here!” I 
exclaimed. In my haste to get out of my bed I tripped over the blankets 
and fell headfirst onto the cold polished wood.  Rubbing the pain away, 
I quickly ran to do my daily dental routines.  After accomplishing this 
tedious routine, I sped down the stairs to my long anticipated 
breakfast.  Of course, this was no ordinary breakfast for it was a 
feast!  It was a feast fit for a king with many fruits and delicious 
sandwiches along with a goblet of milk.  When my feasting was finished, 
my mother asked me if I would join her in running an errand.  I 
accepted without another thought and we made our way to the place where 
my view of the world would change forever. All through the drive, I 
pondered on what I would wish for when my moment came.  After all, you 
only get one wish a year and it had better be a good one or you would 
spend the rest of the year weeping of how you had wasted your wish.  
The thoughts that were racing through my mind were of the latest video 
games or the newest book in the current series I was reading.  Those 
were the main thoughts on my mind for as a young boy I was not open 
minded to the many other wonders that the world could offer.  Never 
once have I ever considered that you could have fun without a book or 
video games or even going outside; that is, never have I thought of 
this until today. After fifteen minutes of uneventful driving, my 
mother finally parked the car and motioned for me to exit the car.  As 
we walked through the city streets, my senses had awoken.  The smell of 
coffee and donuts was fresh in the after noon air and the road was 
bustling with raucous traffic.  Blinded was I by the towering sun that 
shone above me.  Passing through the shops, I looked into every window. 
 There were nail salons that reeked of nail varnish, a hardware store 
with dangerous looking tools, and on the corner of the market was a 
tiny shop that I could not yet see the merchandise it contained, and 
then I heard it. A sweet sound filled my ears, filled with bliss and 
harmony.  It was commanding, with an aura of peace.  It sang of a 
tranquil place where no one pestered you, yet no one ignored you.  The 
sound was tempting, and it lured me closer as someone would lure a cat 
with a fresh bowl of milk.  Peering into the shop, I witnessed a 
remarkable sight.  The object was like no other, silver and shining 
with a brilliant light.  Every sound that came from it was light as a 
feather and strong as a wave. “What are you staring at?” my mother 
asked. “Hmm? O nothing,” I replied silently. “Well then let's move on.” 
Later that evening my family and I gathered in our dining room.  
Grinning from ear to ear, I waited for my family to finish singing the 
“Happy Birthday” song.  After a few off key singing, it was time for me 
to make a wish. “Choose wisely,” was all the advice my grandmother gave 
me. “I will,” I replied earnestly. “I will.” With my eyes shut, I chose 
my wish.  It was to hear that sound again, except this time, this time; 
it would come from my flute. The End 


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